What would your “life and times” say?

What is a life and times, exactly? Writers sometimes use “The Life and Times of [______]” to title a project about a person’s life. Such projects usually share the history and events of a person’s life. It may include their beliefs, issues or cultural aspects. Most of us read life and times stories in school. We’ve all […]

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Looking for you all day…

Whether you have one child or a house full, it doesn’t take long to realize each one is different. They have unique personalities, attitudes, abilities and responses to life. As a grandmother, you view things differently. By differently, I mean grandmothers seem to relish more in the experiences and observations we may have taken for […]

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3 things I’ll never write about…

Today, I’m making a promise. And these 3 things could easily be 30 things. This is not an exhaustive list, but simply to declare these 3 things. So much of blogging and writing is coming up with topics and words of interest to the reader. To share something of value – words, thoughts, ideas – that adds […]

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