Air Conditioners and Swimming Pools

Interesting day in our household.

Summer is gonna hit here this week. Temps in the mid-90’s, at least, and our A/C decides to give up the ghost. I cried when the repairman left his quote and went out the door, then tried to go back to my work; to concentrate on anything but what it was going to cost.

“Why can’t we ever get ahead? Is it too much to ask that we catch a break. We are trying so hard to get ourselves out of debt. Now this!”

I stared at my laptop, where I was right in the middle of a report on a recent trip to Honduras.

What an epic trip it was. My 5th or 6th time in this 3rd world country, but this trip was different.

It was the day when the hot, humid weather about did us all in. In that place, where air conditioning is a luxury, you try to move as slowly as you can and catch a breeze, if possible.

That’s the day we blew up a 6′ x 22″ swimming pool at a school for special needs students and filled it with fresh, cold water; water made possible only because of a new water well given to the school earlier in the year. Water in this community is a precious, treasured commodity.

On that morning, you could sense the unusual excitement when the children arrived at school.

Blow-up swimming pools may seem overrated here in the States, but not for these kids. The teachers organized the youngest and most severely handicapped students into the pool.

For most of them, it was a first-time experience. The expressions of pure delight on their faces was priceless.

I heard a member of our all-woman team say, “I’m gonna have to get in. I wish I’d worn different clothes but someone has to hold him.”

I turned with the camera in my hands and saw a mother carrying her son towards the pool. The little boy is a quadriplegic who has no use of his legs or arms. Our team member realized the student needed to be held to get into the pool.

The mere $30 spent on a blow-up swimming pool was nothing compared to the indescribable joy on this young boy’s face.

The memory of this moment reminds me all too well that the comfort of air conditioning is an unattainable luxury for some in this world. I will not cry over that A/C repair quote anymore.

Maybe I just need to find a swimming pool!