Family Secrets and Grace

Do you have family secrets? It's okay. We all do. And Grace covers it all. The great Grace of Jesus covers it all.

Do you have family secrets? Maybe it’s the aunt everyone avoids at family reunions whose a little off, or that ex-brother-in-law nobody talks about who was…well…you know… While we may not have those exact scenarios in my family, we’ve got a lot of other stuff covered. And when I say my family, I mean going back … Read post

Air Conditioners and Swimming Pools


Interesting day in our household. Summer is gonna hit here this week. Temps in the mid-90’s, at least, and our A/C decides to give up the ghost. I cried when the repairman left his quote and went out the door, then tried to go back to my work; to concentrate on anything but what it … Read post