Tools I use for blogging and writing listed here. The tools you use are key. Find tools that work for you in the day-to-day routine.

Tools I use for blogging-writing {that I love}

If you’ve been following and reading awhile, you may find this post a bit unusual. My niche is still stories of life, faith and family, but today, I’m sharing on a topic several of you have asked me about.

You have heard me say it before. Blogging-writing is not for the faint of heart. Wading through the mountain of resources, themes, and plugins is overwhelming for most. The choices change daily as technology progresses.

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Figuring out what works for you is key. You begin with the basics of a platform and theme. From there, the possibilities are endless. Then comes the chore of learning to manage the day-to-day of writing, editing, image and graphics creation, posting, sharing, managing comments, following others and staying connected.

Here’s how I do it. I’m sharing today the platform and theme I use. I’m also listing the top tools that help me manage it all – or at least I’m giving it a good, honest try.

There are moments, like this past month, when I need to step back and rest. If you’re testing the blogging-writing waters, or thinking about it, this is one of the best pieces of advice I can give. Never be afraid to step back, rest, and be inspired to write again.

And now, here’s the list.

If you have a question, leave a comment and I’ll do my best to respond. {The list contains some affiliate links which are based on my experience. Your use of my affiliate link to sign up helps me keep running.}

Generate Press – This is the theme I’m using now. Get it HERE. If you hate code, you need this theme. GP is a responsive WordPress theme and my best blogging decision. There’s a free version, but I recommend the $39.95 GP Premium for life.

BoardBooster – It’s how I manage Pinterest {revolving pins, group boards, etc}. Get it HERE. Once set up, BoardBooster basically does the work for you. There’s a free version with limited pinning. I use the $5.00 a month level. is hosted by Bluehost and runs on the platform. Clicking on the link below may reveal a lower price than shown, as they often run specials. (This affiliate link helps offset the costs of

Trello – It’s how I keep track of ideas for blog posts/writing, work projects, and all those thoughts running around in my head at all hours. This App replaces that mountain of sticky notes, random ideas, and notes in your phone. And it’s free.

Tools I use for blogging and writing listed here. The tools you use are key. Find tools that work for you in the day-to-day – As a faith-based blogger, tops my list of resources for blogging tips and training. Her Christian Bloggers Bootcamp and Pinterest in 21 courses are game changers.

Buffer – Helps me manage Twitter {the scheduling of my tweets and re-tweeting of other’s}. A huge time-saver and I use the free service. (I’ve also used Hootsuite’s free service.)

Canva – Most of the graphics you see on this blog are made using Canva free. They’ve released an App that syncs your account across devices, making it possible to design on the go, but I primarily create with Canva on computer.

Shareaholic -It’s how I create social media buttons to coordinate with the theme of With Shareaholic, you can insert follow and share buttons on your site, make your images shareable to Pinterest, and more. And it’s free. – As a faith-blogger, I need to link to Bible references often. makes this fast and free, removing the need to cite references within the post.

There is also a page on my website that lists these tools. Check back HERE for what I’m currently using. Hope this information is useful to one or two of you out there.

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    • Friend, some of these I’ve found this year. Board Booster has made Pinterest & group boards actually doable! And Trello changed my life – it’s all I use to capture/track ideas for blog posts and it syncs across all your devices. Genius.

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