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On blogging & connecting…

You could be anywhere, but I’m glad you’re here. If you like a good story, let’s stay connected. At the bottom of this page you can sign up for new posts and I hope you will.

This blog’s mission statement:  Encouraging readers to build up their faith through stories of life, faith, and family.

My personal mission is to write the words God gives me, praying you’ll be encouraged to grow stronger in your relationship with Him.

This blog’s vision statement:  Sharing stories of life, faith and family, and providing resources and tools to help readers grow and serve, wherever you are in your Christian journey.

On family…

I’m a wife, mom and Gigi. I’m married to a coach and VP of athletics at a Christian university. We have two adult children, both married, and two delightful grandsons.

On faith and purpose…

I believe…my primary purpose is to bring glory to God. Some days I fall short, but the amazing thing is, by Grace, I can get up tomorrow and try again.

I believe…in the verbal and plenary inspiration of the Holy Scriptures. I believe the Bible is the Word of God, the full and complete revelation of the plan and history of redemption for mankind.

I believe…I have a responsibility to point others to Christ – through my actions, steps, words and writing.

I believe…we are meant to enjoy life and in doing so, we demonstrate the joy and freedom we have as children of God.

I believe…I was created to live a life abandoned in worship to God. I must die daily (in a spiritual sense) that I might live with Him forever.

I believe…in the Apostles Creed and our church’s statement of faith.

On work, education and freelance…

For most of my adult life, I’ve worked as an administrative assistant in the Christian nonprofit arena. I’ve served at all levels: local church, district, international, and university. For the past six years, I’ve done the same work as a virtual assistant to Christian nonprofits. I hold a Master of Ministry from Southwestern Christian University.

Looking for my VA services? Visit VA Services Page.  My experience is primarily in (though not limited to) Christian nonprofits and ministry.


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