My year of *Believe* {part three}

This is the final post {part three} on my year of Believe. And if you missed the earlier posts in this 3-part series, you can read them here: My year of Believe {PART ONE} and My year of Believe {PART TWO}.

My favorite thing…

After spending eleven+ months digesting this book, my favorite thing about it is the repetition. Throughout this devo, a continual repeat of the beliefs, practices, and virtues of the Christian faith takes place.

This review process causes these key components of our faith to go deep. Not only are you memorizing the beliefs, practices, and virtues, you are feeding on the accompanying truths from God’s Word.

The beliefs we hold should hold us up even when life feels like it’s falling apart. – Lysa TerKeurst

When I read this statement by Lysa Terkeurst in her newest book, Uninvited, I immediately thought of how my beliefs have taken on greater meaning for me through this study. What we choose to believe should bring life – and support us when life gets tough.

10 Virtues

¹The following “10 Virtues” are from the book Believe: What I believe. Who I am becoming.

Love – I am committed to loving God and loving others.”

Joy – Despite my circumstances, I feel inner contentment and understand my purpose in life.”

Peace – I am free from anxiety because I have found peace with God, peace with others, and peace with myself.”

Self-Control – I have the power through Christ to control myself.”

Hope – I can cope with the hardships of life because of the hope I have in Jesus Christ.”

Patience – I am slow to anger and endure patiently under the unavoidable pressures of life.”

Kindness/Goodness – I choose to be kind and good in my relationships with others.”

Faithfulness – I have established a good name with God and others based on my loyalty to those relationships.”

Gentleness – I am thoughtful, considerate, and calm in my dealings with others.”

Humility – I choose to esteem others above myself.”

Let me be honest. I sort of dreaded the *Virtues*.

Looking for a 365-day devotion book? This is my favorite. Learn the beliefs, practices and virtues of the Christian faith. Be encouraged.I mean the Beliefs section is so great – remembering the very foundations of our Christian faith. And the Practices section is more-or-less re-acquainting yourself with the key elements by which we demonstrate our devotion to the faith.

Though the Practices section may reveal certain areas where we need more diligence, for the most part, it is a process we can commit to and hone without becoming too vulnerable.

But the Virtues section is different. Here’s where it gets personal.

See, the Virtues is what’s being revealed to others. Yikes, right? It’s the result of how much time we’re spending in God’s presence and His Word.

Be warned about the *Virtues*.

Secretly, I dreaded this section because I knew it was about to reveal some stuff in me that needed work. And it has.

Am I truly committed to loving others? Do I have joy despite my circumstances? Can I say I’m living at peace with others and myself, regardless?

The Virtues will have you questioning your level of hope and patience, or challenge you to up your kindness factor. And what about the Virtues of faithfulness, gentleness, and humility. It just gets all up in your stuff. {It’s what the fruit of the Spirit does, by the way.}

And notice I skipped over self-control.

Must we go there. Since I’m being honest and all, this Virtue hit me hard. But can I tell you, I’m encouraged, today. Over the 12 weeks of rehearsing the Virtues, I’ve about got it!

Self-control – I have the power through Christ to control myself!

With Jesus Christ working His power in me, I can exercise self-control. It’s the outtake of becoming more like Him. Praise God, I’m learning to make this a priority – and so can you.

As this year ends, are you looking for a new devotional book? You’ll get nothing but good reviews from me on this one. Believe: What I believe. Who I am becoming. is one of the best devotionals I’ve used. Ever. And it has had a deep impact on me for life.

¹Believe: What I believe. Who I am becoming by Randy and Rozanne Frazee.

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