Can God use you in spite of the struggle? {Christine Duncan}

When we are going through something, it’s often easier to let commitment and service to God take a back seat. This seems especially true in times of great, personal struggle.

To speak to this issue, I’m turning things over to my dear friend, Christine, today. She does know struggle. And I love that she shares the everyday muddling through of life with such raw authenticity.

What’s your struggle, today?

Please…please…do not miss reading this entire post. Christine’s words will encourage and inspire, even if you don’t see the God-opportunities until they hit you right square in the face.

Can God use you in the middle of your struggle. Yes, He can and He will. Read this story of the unexpected phone call and opportunity...God’s been speaking to me a lot lately about how He can use my struggles with depression as an instrument of His voice.

Immediately, two things happened.

My brain did a complete inventory of all the things I could bring to the table that were way shinier and better than my ongoing battle with chronic D.

You know, in case He didn’t already know.

And second, I quickly and lamely replied, “Lord? My struggle hasn’t concluded yet. No healing to show for. No mind-bending progress. In fact, I’m still pretty broken some days.”

Funny how we make everything all about us. Which is the enemy’s intent for our hard circumstances in the first place…

Please go HERE to finish reading Christine’s amazing story of the unexpected phone call and opportunity that followed.

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4 thoughts on “Can God use you in spite of the struggle? {Christine Duncan}

  1. Read the whole story. Loved this post! I love that He takes what is oppressing us and uses it to lift another. What a sweet testimony to the power of being willing and vulnerable, authentic and broken. He rescues us that we might help throw out a lifeline to another. Thanks for sharing your space with your sweet friend. What a beautiful heart.

  2. Karlene, so thankful for you, friend. You’ve been so generous with your blog space, and I look forward to having you featured over at the P&LP later this month 🙂 Praying this post will help someone today to know that the battles are never in vain when given to Him as an instrument of His hope and grace! Thank you, and hugs!

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