What to do with your chance for a restart?

You get a restart now…something new.

For some of us, we’re more than ready for a do-over; a second chance.

The New Year is that opportunity.

When I get around to taking the Christmas decor down and put away, it feels like the house is empty. Every time I walk through the family room, I think, “What is missing?”

Then, I realize it’s the Christmas tree. This goes on for days. That space where the tree sat is vacant and the fireplace mantle bare. Other surfaces throughout the house seem neglected, as well.

And I’m just trying to remember where I put all the normal decor that fills those spaces on a regular, daily basis.

I’ve come to look at this as a chance to re-arrange…a restart. Mark would probably say it’s my chance to turn the entire house upside down. That would be an exaggeration.

It is an opportunity to move things around {sometimes to entirely different rooms} and come up with new ideas for displaying our…stuff.

It’s like having a blank slate.

An empty page in the journal. The opportunity to set things straight or get down to business.

What will you do with your New Year restart?

For several years, our church has encouraged a fast in January. There are no stipulations as to what you fast. They say it’s between you and God.

Some fast social media. Others do a Daniel fast. You can remove sugar or caffeine from your diet for the fast.

It’s about drawing closer to God. Yes, fasting involves denying yourself something, but the purpose is to fill up the empty spaces with more of God.

And it’s a great way to restart!

It's time for a restart now. A clean slate is waiting. How will you prepare. Talking about fasting and waiting. Talking about do-overs. Restart. Here are a few things I wrote down last January, following my fast. These notes are rather rough {they are exactly as I recorded them in my phone} but you may find some encouragement for your own restart.

***Decide what type of fast is feasible to your routine, work schedule, medications you take, etc. Make a list of the drinks/foods you need to have on hand. If you prepare meals for the family, plan for that and ask other family members to help out.

***Plan your daily routine during the fast. Try to pause several times throughout each day {morning, noon, night, etc.} to center yourself in prayer. Select study material or a new book that will encourage and stretch you while fasting.

***Feast on worship, prayer, and God’s Word. To fill up the empty spaces with worship, prayer, and scripture is the essence of fasting.

***Journal about your experiences while fasting. Write down your expectations. Record what you’re experiencing physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. Note what God is saying to you in your worship, prayer, and Bible reading.

As this year kicks off in all its glory, let’s take time to wait on the Lord.

I am not suggesting the only way to accomplish this is to fast. Again, that decision is between you and God. You can still make January a time to restart by being in His presence and His Word, even if you cannot fast.

No matter what the past year brought, it’s a new day. And, yeah, I realize you may have some residual effects hanging around from whatever happened…last year’s leftovers.

God’s got that, too.

Take it to Him in prayer. Ask Him to take the blank slate and write His purposes all over it. Allow Him to show you the next step for tomorrow.

So I turned to the Lord God and pleaded with him in prayer and fasting. Daniel 9.3a NLT

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image credits  Geetanjal Khanna & Bagas VG

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