Childhood adventures, church and Dad

My childhood included many adventures…and lots of church. Beach vacations, amusement parks, camping and educational experiences were a huge part of my growing up.

Today, I just want to say, “Thanks, Dad, for making sure we always had an adventure – and a whole lot of church.”

Dad was a preacher/evangelist. We didn’t have much by the world’s standards, but I don’t think my siblings and I knew that. I mean we knew our parents were not the kind to live beyond their means (their paycheck) and we certainly never did.

For much of our childhood, Dad was on-the-road, traveling ‘cross country to preach in churches, camps and conferences. As I got older, I’m sure there were times I wanted to stay home, but no, we were right there on-the-road, too, and not just along for the ride.

My brothers and me were up on the stage, singing and playing the instruments…in every service. And there were a LOT of church services.

Over the years, I’ve heard other PK’s (preacher’s kids) talk about how horrible their life was.

I’ve heard talk of how they grew up feeling like their dad (or mom, if she was the preacher) was more interested in the church and its people than in his/her own family. I never felt that way. Ever.

Our dad always made sure we had time for an adventure along the way. I think that was his way of giving us time to be kids, in the midst of it all.

In between revivals on-the-road, Dad would drive 500 hundred miles out of our way to go to Six Flags or see the Grand Canyon. In route to a meeting, he’d take us to see a battleship, a national park, or the Smithsonian Museum in Washington, D.C.

Did your childhood include adventures? Dads, give your children adventures, church, and Dad - on a consistent basis. They'll thank you for itDad would find a nearby lake and a spot to park our travel trailer.

He’d rent a boat, and he and my brothers would fish to their heart’s content. I would spend my time laying in the sun…reading…pondering life…it was glorious.

Today, I’m grateful for these experiences and the memories of them. “Thanks, Dad!” It was a great life, a major part of my journey and always an adventure.

If you’re a preacher and father today, please make sure your kids have adventures.

I promise it will impact their journey for the better. They may even thank you for it, later.

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