How to get your eyes off the situation?

A few weeks back, I received a phone call from our son. The call itself was unusual because, well, he’s an awful lot like his mom. As introverts, we’ve both wholeheartedly embraced the texting before calling and online over face-to-face mode of operation.

That is unless a phone call or face-to-face is necessary. The ringing of the phone and the tone in his voice said it was absolutely necessary

Mom, can you drive over to where [Daughter-in-law] is? She’s had a wreck and I’m out-of-town.

Immediately, I grabbed a jacket, the car keys, and ran out of the house.

About two minutes from my house, there she sat – Daughter-in-law – on the grassy area beside the busy road. And there she sat – the car – the rear end a mangled mess.

Over the next hour {and then some} I determined Daughter-in-law was okay, though pretty shook up. We also concluded it can take a long time for the police to show up following an accident.

Eventually, we realized someone needed to go pick up the little boys from the baby sitters. I left to do that and, as I drove off, breathed a prayer of thanks to God that the situation was not as bad as it looked when I arrived.

What do you see, today?

So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen, since what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal. 2 Corinthians 4.18

It’s in our human nature to jump to conclusions.

Isn’t this one of the things we do best? We walk into a room and immediately make assumptions about what we see. We enter a conversation and think we understand what the other person is going through. We arrive at the scene of an accident and begin to believe things are as bad as they look.

This became especially clear to me as I returned to the scene of the wreck with my grandsons in the car.

Of course, the baby was rear-facing in the car seat and wouldn’t have known what was going on anyway. Grandson #1 is four, though, so I knew I needed to try to prepare him.

Up to this point, I had said nothing about a car wreck. As we came up on the accident sight, I began to say, as lighthearted as possible…

Okaaaaay…now Gigi wants you to know everything is okay. So, Mommy is fine…and you don’t need to worry. Okay…?

Does your situation look bad? It's time to refocus, regroup and regain perspective. Here's how to get your eyes off the situation...As my car passed the scene, he saw Mommy standing on the grassy area. We could also see their pastor. He’d driven by while I was gone, recognized Daughter-in-law’s car, and stopped to help. {Thank God for friends who will stop!}

As I inched my car forward in what was now rush hour traffic, Grandson got a glimpse of Mommy’s car. He slowly began to say, in a voice growing higher-pitched by the second, “Mommy had an accident?!” And he just burst into tears.

I tried to console him while driving the car and looking for a place to turn around safely. And all the while, Grandson was crying his little heart out in the back seat.

It’s okay, baby. The car looks bad, but Mommy is fine. See her walking around? She is okay. We’re gonna pull over and Mommy will come talk to you. It’s okay.

But all Grandson knew was what he could see with his eyes. And it made him afraid that things were very bad and that Mommy was hurt.

Do things look very bad in your world?

Are you frightened or feeling like you’ve lost control of the situation? It may seem all hope is lost.

If so, friend, it’s time for you to refocus, regroup, and regain your perspective. It’s time to remember where you’ve placed your hope {and in whom}.

Can you take these simple steps?

  1. Stop and pray. Ask God to forgive you for looking only at what you see with your natural eyes. {You’re not alone. I find myself here regularly.}
  2. Ask Him to give you a new and fresh vision – to see the situation through spiritual eyes.
  3. Go to the Word of God – listen to worship music – join other believers in attending worship services. {This will encourage you and increase your faith.}
  4. And keep your eyes on Jesus – not the situation at hand.

What we see today is only temporary. The eternal things of Jesus Christ is where it’s at!

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6 thoughts on “How to get your eyes off the situation?

  1. Karlene, it is so true that we can easily jump to conclusions based on what we see (or feel). Thank you for the reminder to keep my eyes on Jesus, who alone can see the entire situation fully. Blessings!

  2. Hi Karlene,

    This is my first visit to your blog. I stopped by to read it because of the title. I stopped and followed your four step recommendation. Now let’s see what God does in this situation.

    Thanks for a great and timely post. May God continue to richly bless you.

  3. Karlene, I’m thinking this may be my first visit to your blog, and I’m so glad to find your words today. I certainly need this reminder (daily!) to keep my circumstances in perspective, to honor the sovereignty of God in my humble acceptance of the next thing on God’s agenda.
    Delight is such a great word for 2017!

    • It’s an honor to have you take the time to stop by, Michele. So glad we were able to link up, today. Keep sharing encouragement and inspiration through the words God gives you.

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