Leaving the *old* and embracing the *new*

Even at my age {because I wasn’t born yesterday, you know} there is still an embracing of new things. I don’t know about you but this has never been easy for me. Maintaining sameness is just the way I roll.

Thank God, He is teaching me to resist change less; to leave behind the old with less resistance.

What do you need to leave behind?

Sometimes, we are anxious to leave behind the old. The twenty-second chapter of 2 Samuel contains David’s song of praise for God’s deliverance from his enemies. It also reveals my verse for this year and my OneWord365 for 2017:  Delight.

He brought me out to a spacious place; He rescued me because He delighted in me.. 2 Samuel 22.20 HCSB

If you have been in a challenging or difficult season, you may feel that leaving behind the old can’t come soon enough. There’s no desire to maintain sameness. Embracing the new looks like a welcome reprieve, if not sure deliverance.

Even if we are more than ready for change, though, it can still be challenging to launch into the new.

How to leave behind the *old* and embrace the *new*?

Here’s what I’m learning from 2 Samuel 22.20. Perhaps you need this lesson, too.

#1 – You must come out!

To leave behind the old situation or old ways, you must be willing to come out. If we study the original Hebrew, the word out in 2 Samuel 22.20 translates ¹go out; break out; escape; get away; proceed; shoot forth.

When we understand the meaning, it makes sense that King David would use this description. There had definitely been some rescuing and escaping going on in his life.

So…I can’t possibly know what has been {or is even now} happening in your life, but I do know that to embrace the new God has for you – you must come out of what is holding you back.

It may help to look at this as a literal rescue. Whether you need rescuing from a harmful relationship, pattern of overeating, or sinful situation – you must come out! And with the Lord’s help, you can.

#2 – You must enlarge!

Before you can embrace the new, you must enlarge some things. The word place in 2 Samuel 22.20 means ¹enlargement, either literal (an open space), or figurative (liberty). I love this!

If you are like me, though, you’re probably thinking, “I’ve got no more room or time. How can I possibly enlarge?” When I sense God leading me into something new, I’ve learned to re-evaluate my commitments and routines.

To get to the new place, you may need to de-clutter {and I don’t just mean your closets}. In other words, you may need to make room for what God is about to do.

As you enlarge your capacity for more of God, His power is released. You’re making space for the spacious…expecting blessing upon blessing…going deep unto deep.

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Ready to leave behind the old things holding you back? Find out how to embrace the new God has for you. It's time to enlarge and receive...

#3 – Receive His delight!

Do you know our heavenly Father delights in you simply because you are His? We are His creation – His sons and daughters – and He looks upon us with love and delight.

In our focus verse, the word delight means ¹to incline; to bend; to be pleased. Would you pause and think on the magnitude of this and what it means for you?

The God of the universe is inclined towards you, my friend. He has time to bend His heart your direction. And when you choose to live in complete submission – desiring His will more than your own – He is pleased and delights in you.

What spacious place does He have waiting for you?

Again, I do not know where you are, today, but I believe there is more. Are you ready to move into the spacious place He has waiting? It’s time to come out, enlarge, and receive His great delight!

Enlarge the site of your tent,
and let your tent curtains be stretched out;
do not hold back... Isaiah 54.2a HCSB

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¹Strong’s Talking Greek & Hebrew Dictionary via WORDsearch11

6 thoughts on “Leaving the *old* and embracing the *new*

  1. Oh Karlene, I have so many changes coming up soon it’s crazy. My youngest son is graduating high school and leaving for Marine boot camp in June. Then we are moving in with my mother in law to help her and maintain the house, which also means a job transfer for my husband. But we don’t even know when that will happen yet, sometime between now and Chistmas? So this was a post I just had to click on at Dance with Jesus and it was a great read. Thanks so much!

    • Oh, Steph, I feel for you. A former pastor’s wife and dear friend used to say, “When you’re going through something, don’t ask, ‘God, what are You doing TO me?’ Instead, pray, ‘God, what do You want to do IN me?'” This might be good advice for you in the coming months! Please let us know how things go. Prayers, friend.

  2. I like this – never thought about it like this before and I wasn’t born yesterday. The decluttering/enlarging aspect is something I have to work on.

    Thanks for sharing. Your random neighbor at #GraceandTruth Linkup

  3. Miss Karlene, how I love this verse and your explanation in this post… Yes I think there are a few bad habits habits and attitudes that God is waiting for me to come out from under. And it’s definitely been on my heart lately to create a little more margin in my schedule for Him to work. I like change when I enforce it and not much outside that! LOL! Going back for another read and some prayer ♥ Thank you ♥

    • Heather, I am so grateful God used these words to speak to your heart. He is good to meet us where we are. As for me, it’s a continual work-in-progress. 🙂 Happy Easter!

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