Let FEAR birth FAITH

All my life I’ve heard God has not given us a spirit of fear (2 Tim 1.7)…

No doubt you’ve heard this, too. I think I’ve let this put guilt on me, at times. What I mean is I felt like I was doing something wrong if I was fearful. The truth is, in our humanness, we are going to have moments when we are afraid.

I had one of those moments while leaving the store one evening with a loaded cart of groceries.

It was fully light when I went in, but dusk when I came out. I had parked in one of those side parking spaces. You know the ones over by the garden center? By the time I checked out, everything on that side of the store had shut down for the night. There was no one in sight, inside or out.

As I set out pushing my loaded shopping buggy to the car…I realized I had made a BAD parking decision. The lot where I parked was empty except for my car. I immediately went into a be aware of your surroundings mindset (probably better described as a mild case of panic). I was aware right then that my surroundings were not good.

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There seemed no choice but to go on to my car. Right about then, I saw a rather shady looking man coming my direction riding a bicycle (probably better described as a mild case of paranoia). As I kept one eye on him, I quickly opened the back of my car and started throwing bags inside.

About the time I saw the bicycle man turn to go another direction, an old pickup truck pulled up a few spaces down from me. Keep in mind it’s getting dark and there is no one else around – and those empty parking spaces between us were empty.

There were at least 3 guys in the front seat. I guess I could blame it on watching too much television, but things just didn’t seem right. Fear welled up inside as I slung the last bag in and slammed shut the back of my SUV.

Am I the only one who says things like oh, Jesus! to herself in moments like this?

And I still had the shopping cart to contend with. It was only two spaces away from where I stood, but with a parking space yet to go, you can bet I heaved the cart in that direction and turned back towards my car.

I heard the door open on that pickup truck. So many thoughts raced through my head…

  • Don’t run.
  • Act confident.
  • Keep your head up.
  • Don’t show fear.

Faith is often the child of fear. – Max Lucado

Fear is a normal response and, like so many things in our life, it’s often how we deal with it that matters the most. I’ll be honest. In that moment, I was NOT thinking, “God has not given me a spirit of fear…” I was thinking, “God, let me make it inside the car.”

Fear is a normal response in life. It's how we handle it that matters. Fear can birth faith, if we let it...I don’t know what God kept me from.

As I got in the car, locked the doors and started pulling away, I noticed a shiny sports car pulling up next to the pickup truck. Again, maybe too much television, but drug deal popped in my head. I’m sure it happens in parking lots everywhere, but not the situation a woman wants to find herself in after dark and alone.

The FEAR in me birthed FAITH that night.

So many times in our lives, all God wants us to do is call on Him. Often, the only thing we have available to us will be to call on Him.

This is faith being born in us.

Whatever your fear is today, let it birth faith.

  • Faith can move mountains and rescue you from the storm.
  • Faith will get you where you need to be, and on time.
  • Sometimes, faith chooses to surround you as you walk through the fear.

Faith makes the impossible possible.

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