Mom: a lesson in identity

It’s one of the oldest clichés in the book, but motherhood is the best job ever.

Is it really a job? As a mom, I say yes.

It a job we do for free. It will likely leave most of us in debt for at least half of our lives – maybe longer, depending on the college they choose.

Being Mom will leave us wanting more sleep for at least eighteen years (give or take a few). And it will surely make us beg for more patience, endurance and wisdom.

Yet, the rewards of motherhood far outweigh any lack of sleep or inconvenience.

With every Mother’s Day that passes, I’m more grateful for the woman I call Mom. Throughout my life, she has been my primary nurturer, teacher, and female role model.

You have given me the heritage of those who fear, revere, and honor Your name. Psalm 61.5b AMP

As a woman of faith, Mom was the first to teach me about God. As a woman of principle, she was the first to show me how to live right in a world where everything around us screams out, “It’s okay to live wrong.”

As Mother, she demonstrated Romans 12.10 every day in our home by preferring the rest of us over herself.

Be devoted to one another in love. Honor one another above yourselves. Romans 12.10

She taught me the traits of Godly motherhood through her very actions:  gentleness, love, discipline and forgiveness.

While all of these lessons are important and so very worthy of mention, perhaps the greatest lesson I learned from Mom is to remember who I am in Christ Jesus.

I find this lesson in identity marks everything else in my life.

Mom gave me a lesson in identity that marked me. On Mother's Day and every day, thanks mothers for the job you do...My mom {like me} was the daughter of a preacher and grew up in a pastor’s home. This set the course for her adult life as the wife of a preacher/pastor. She has fulfilled this role with much grace.

Also, understand this about my mom. She is an introvert to the core. Mom made it clear to my dad from day one that she would not speak in front of a crowd.

She’s an excellent pianist and vocalist. Over the years, she’s been on the stage regularly, sharing her musical gifts with the Church. She never felt it was her call or obligation to speak publicly and she has held to that.

Mom learned she could find contentment in her identity; in *who God created her to be.

As I look back over my life, I realize how this contentment demonstrated by my mother influenced me. I wish I could say I have always been confident in the person I am.

Do you doubt yourself or wish you were someone else?

From childhood to adult, we’re under constant pressure to become someone other than who we are? Advertising convinces us to change the color or texture of the hair on our head. We choose clothing, shoes, and accessories to portray an image of who we want others to see us as.

We imagine having the same vibrant personality of our best friend or sibling.

At all of six years old, I made the short walk from the front row in church (where I was sitting beside Mom) to the altar. There, I asked Jesus to come live in me. Even though I’d known little else in my life besides family and church, I realized something needed to change.

That was a long time ago. Today, my journey in faith is decades old. I continue to learn and hold on to who I am in Jesus.

Do you know who you are in Him?

When we receive Jesus as our Savior, the Bible says we receive a new name. To put this into something tangible we can grasp, insert your name in the blank space below.

My name is [__________] but He calls me Chosen, Forgiven, Redeemed, My Child and Beloved.

On this Mother’s Day, we are thankful for the woman {or women} who mothered us. If you are a mother or are mothering someone today, let me say thank you for the job you are doing.

To my mom, thank you…for you have given me the heritage of those who fear, revere, and honor [God’s] name. And thanks for the lesson in identity.

It has marked me for eternity.

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images credit: Colin Maynard  and London Scout

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  1. Beautiful post, Karlene! A message that resonates with my heart for women to be living victoriously through the knowledge of who they are in Christ! Thank you for sharing this beautiful hope at #MomentsofHope!
    Blessings and smiles,

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