My calling is NOT about me…

So much of what we think is about us is actually NOT about us, at all.

We are part of a great big plan. We serve a great big God.

And the great big plan is all His.

During the month of November, I’m joining the #NotAboutMeNovember project over at

#NotAboutMeNovember puts a different spin on those ’30 days of thankful’ lists you see all over social media this time of year. There are three ways to participate and I’ll share those in a bit.

Do you know you have a call from God on your life?

And before you click off this post, please hear me. Not all of us will be called to full-time ministry. So, if thinking about your call from God tends to freaks you out, friend, just breathe!

He has a special, unique call for each of us – and that includes you.

None of this is about you or me. Do you know your calling or purpose? This November, take time to let others know it is not about me...If you are raising kiddos now, that’s a huge calling. I consider my children one of the most important accomplishments God ever allowed me to lend my hand to. {And I’m thankful I didn’t have to do it without His help.}

To those serving the local church as a volunteer – where would the church be without you? From the nursery to the board of elders, most service positions in our churches are volunteer-run. Hopefully, you are serving in the area God has called you to.

Your call could be to a co-worker or neighbor who needs to experience God’s love. We hear much these days about love – that we should embrace our differences, live in harmony, and love one another. Though all good and needed, the only love that can change a life for eternity is the love of God.

My calling is not about me…

Whatever your individual strengths, talents, and gifts, the bottom line is you are called to use them to advance His kingdom. This IS your primary purpose as a believer, while living to bring God glory.

You didn’t choose me. I chose you. I appointed you to go and produce lasting fruit… John 15.16 NLT

Our Father in heaven has appointed us to go and produce fruit. We are called to share His love that changes a life for eternity. And as hard as it is, at times, to admit…none of this is about YOU or ME!

During this Thanksgiving season, I am choosing to focus more on Jesus. Yes, I want to live ‘thankful’, but I also want to remember that it’s not about me.

3 ways you can join in the #NotAboutMeNovember movement.

If you’d like to experience #NotAboutMeNovember, here’s how…

#1 – Make a daily post on social media using the hashtag #NotAboutMeNovember.

During the month of November, post a sentence or paragraph on your topic of choice  ) NOT being about you, but about Jesus. Do it daily or as often as works for you. Please include #NotAboutMeNovember so others can join in and be encouraged by what you have to share. {Post across your social media channels:  Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.}

#2 – Invite others to join in on social media.

Make this a November online project for the family, your small group, ministry team, book club, etc. Get everyone to join in and remind them to include #NotAboutMeNovember in their social media posts.

#3 – Write a blog post or article.

If you are a blogger/writer, consider blogging about #NotAboutMeNovember weekly or more often this month. {And be sure to link it up on the #NotAboutMeNovember link up.}

Looking forward to seeing you online!

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