My One Word for 2016…

For most of us, New Year’s resolutions are made-to-be-broken.

How often do we succeed at living up to the resolutions we make on January 1st? I don’t know about you, but I have rarely achieved what I said I would when a new year began.

The approach shared at is something I’ve embraced. “Forget New Year’s resolutions. Just choose one word.” That’s their motto.

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Choosing one Bible verse for the year is good. I’ve done it and reaped the rewards. I’ve also chosen a theme for the year (hope, strength, grace, etc.) and learned much in the process.

The concept of OneWord is my preference now and here’s why. Based on my experiences, this is what I know.

  • Over the next twelve months, God will give me not one but many Bible verses about my OneWord.
  • The coming year will be about more than only one theme; He’ll teach me lessons that begin with my OneWord and lead to a multitude of topics.
  • As the days and weeks go by, I’ll start to see my OneWord everywhere. I’ll find it in the books I read, quotes I pin, songs I sing, and messages I hear.
  • And by next December, my OneWord and how it has spoken to me will be so cemented in my heart and life that I will never, ever forget it.

If you’re making New Year’s Resolutions this year, I hope it works out for you.

This is not a post condemning resolutions. Goals are a good thing. And there is never a better time than January to think about how we could re-focus, re-organize or re-align our stuff, or the way we get stuff done.

The OneWord concept is not about stuff. For me, choosing OneWord is about choosing substance.

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What are you looking for this year?

I wish we could sit down and discuss our responses to that question. No doubt, our lives are very different. No two of us are in the same place as this year kicks off.

Can I encourage you to think about what your answer would be? What are you needing, hoping for, or dreaming of as the year begins?

Are New Year's resolutions made to be broken? Choosing one word is a great way to focus, learn and grow throughout the year...Is it about stuff or substance?

Believe me, I’m asking myself the same question. More than ever before, I’m concerned with substance; to know that what I’m doing matters. I want to use time wisely and to pour myself into things of value.

Above all, I want to bring God glory with my life. I believe this is how we become more like Jesus – by seeking to bring Him glory.

Substance over stuff.

In a future post I’ll share more about my OneWord for 2016 – Believe. And you’re sure to hear about what God is trying to teach me through it.

One reason I chose Believe was the compelling need to articulate what I Believe. To do this, I need to go back to the beginning – back to where my faith began.

It’s also important to recognize how my Beliefs have evolved (and are evolving). And I want to effectively share what I Believe and why (as situations demand) but not at the expense of excluding those who are still searching.

There’s that and a lot more to come. So, Happy New Year! Let’s go for substance over stuff in 2016. And this…

Jesus said:  Everything is possible for one who Believes. Mark 9.23b

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7 thoughts on “My One Word for 2016…

  1. “Believe” is a wonderful word & was my word for 2015. It brought me many lessons for which I am most grateful. This year, the word which found me is “See” > “Taste & see that the Lord is good.Oh,the joys of those who take refuge in him!” (Ps. 34:8). May 2016 grow us both in Him. Blessings!

  2. I love this blog about ONE brings such depth to our words..our intentions, how God can use us through this word!! Since it’s my first year (THRIVE is my word)..I’m getting so much out of other’s posts on ONE WORD, yet yours offers some new fresh insight! May it be a blessed year filled with God’s blessings a you BELIEVE!

    • Thanks, Kathy. Last year was my 1st time with OneWord – so many lessons, inspiration and gentle nudges from God. My 2015 word was “WAIT” and I will never, ever forget my waiting season! THRIVE on!

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