Is it okay to study the Bible online?

We live in an age when you can find out something about pretty much anything in a quick minute {whether it’s correct or not}. It’s called the internet and I’m old enough to remember when it did not exist. ūüôĀ

I’m also old enough to remember when computers were huge, scary things. And the only phones we had connected¬†to a cord coming out of the wall…meaning you could not take it with you. Bless.

Back in the day of no-mobile-phones, Bible study required *real* books.

Seriously, E-books and online software were not even a thing. For the serious student, it took big money and a big space to hold your Bible study materials.

Do you prefer hard copy over E-books?

I’m still hung somewhere between ancient times and the internet age. There are certain books I simply need to hold in my hands. When workbooks¬†for Bible study are available, I prefer them for filling in the blanks and making notes. And I find I better appreciate and consume God’s Word when I can physically touch it.

Years ago, I worked with a guy who was technologically ahead of his time.

Honestly, we thought he was a little strange. I remember we were talking one day in the office break room about those people brave enough to carry their laptop to church for reading the scripture text during the sermon.

This friend said, “In a few years, we’ll all be doing that!” Back then, I couldn’t see it. Today, I not only appreciate seeing the scriptures on the big screen during the message, but I often grab my phone and follow along there, too.

Is online Bible study okay? If sites are grounded in God's Word, yes. If it keeps you engaged, yes. And many are free, yes! Find tips here...FREE Online Tools for Bible Study

Is this okay?

One of the great benefits of online tools is how many are available free. But is this okay? I say, “Yes, as long as the source is firmly grounded in God’s Word.” Be cautious and utilize sites that meet this criteria.

My bookshelves continue to hold real books that I use regularly to study God’s Word. I also take advantage of FREE Bible study tools online. The options are endless and always increasing.

Here are the FREE online tools I currently use for Bible study and reference. {There are NO affiliate links in this list.} РOn computer, I use the FREE services of to look up Bible verses for both personal, work, and blogging. The site is invaluable when you need to copy and paste scripture into a document. {Wordpress users, are you using the BibleGateway Links Shortcode plugin to link to, giving proper credit to Bible publishers?} – On computer, I am becoming familiar with by LifeWay Publishing. It provides lots of FREE resources for Bible study. {They also have an App by the same name for your mobile device.}

Precept Austin – On computer, I use Precept Austin to quickly reference commentaries and other study resources FREE. They provide an impressive selection of commentaries, Hebrew and Greek word studies, extensive articles by topic, and more.

The Bible App – On mobile devices, I use The Bible App by to reference scripture. If you like to share Bible quote images on social media, follow You Version for great shareable images.

Occasionally, when away from the computer, I use the Greek Dictionary App and Hebrew App on my phone.

One resource I use nearly every day is NOT free {but YOU can get a FREE version}…

For years, I put off investing in Bible study software. What can I say except I’m cheap? Finally, I realized I needed to buy into a good program if I was going to keep doing what I do.

After much research, I chose¬†WORDsearch11 software by LifeWay. Though I’m still getting orientated to all its features, I love it. And YOU can get the FREE version¬†WORDsearchBasic. It’s a good chance to try out the product before buying and you may even find the FREE version is all you need.

{FYI, I have the teacher’s bundle of WORDsearch11. It meets my needs, but I do plan to purchase a couple of additional Bible translations not included in the teacher’s bundle. The teacher’s bundle is $99 and includes the WORDsearch11 engine ($39.95 purchased alone).}

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Links and resources as of 10/2016 when post was published.

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