Do you have a place at the table?

A few years back, we experienced a table upheaval. Or a table re-do. Maybe both.

Our house was about to belong to someone else. Everywhere I looked, there was a sea of boxes and the waves were getting higher by the day.

Mark and I were moving after having lived 20-plus years in the house just sold. And we had made this decision.

We were never moving again!

What is your table story? Is it time for you to come home? There's a place set for you at His table. The food is ready and waiting.In the middle of the process, I decided to re-purpose an old table I purchased for $20.

This particular table came out of a university library and had definitely been more than gently used. So, I commenced to sanding and staining.

Our existing dining table was covered with boxes. The new table was out on the back deck, being re-done. My parents came by for a few days and took with them a third table we no longer needed.

Now, there was no place for us to sit…at the table.

“Your health can be taken and your money stolen – but your place at God’s table is permanent!” – Max Lucado

In the middle of the moving chaos, this statement by Max Lucado took hold of me and would not let go.

While I should have been deciding which clothes to put into the suitcase we’d be living out of while waiting to close on the new home – all I could think about was…the table.

In the middle of moving and everything that goes with it, I took out a devotional book I’d been recently studying.

It was a table-story.

The story of a wandering child – the prodigal son. No doubt you’ve heard it before.

This son frivolously blows his entire inheritance. The story tells of him returning home and the welcome he receives from his father, who thought he had lost his son forever.

The father arranges for a huge meal and for his son to sit at the family table once again.

For this son of mine was dead and is alive again; he was lost and is found.’ So they began to celebrate. Luke 15.24

What’s your table-story?

This post shares a little of my recent story, but there have been times when I needed to…consider…where I was sitting, dining, and spending my time.

I don’t know what table you’ve been at lately. I do not need to know, but please hear this.

There is a place set for you at God’s table. Your plate, napkin, and utensils are all there. The food is hot and ready. And the Lord sits at the head of the table, saying, “Come. I have been waiting for you.”

Friend, never forget your place at His table is permanent.

Welcome home. Let the celebration begin!

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My original plan was to use that re-done library table in the dining room of our new home. That plan later changed, as I realized it would make the perfect writing desk. I guess you could say it’s where the magic happens. Or, better yet, where God inspires me to dole out a little encouragement.

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  1. This is a great story, Karlene. We have some crazy moving stories too, and ironically the table I write on has a unique one all its own too. God is cool like that isn’t he? He is majestic and creative in all his ways. Thanks for sharing with us!

    Your neighbor today at #MomentsOfHope

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