Play it safe {or give it all you’ve got}…

Do you tend to play it safe? Is the low road your choice when responding to questions on faith, family, right-to-life, racial tensions, injustice or other hot topics of the day?

What do I mean by the low road?

Taking the low road might mean going along with whatever the current, “politically correct” response is. It could be a fear or hesitation of sharing your personal conviction on the subject. Then, again, taking the low road might be staying silent.

Before I lose you, let me say this:  You can give it all you’ve got in a grace-filled and peace-giving way.

And you are probably SO much better at this than I am!

I say this for two reasons. First, my tendency as a classic introvert IS definitely to play it safe. My youngest brother is the exact opposite. When we were kids, I always wished I had just a little of his confidence.

The second reason is this. When I find myself in conversations where I do feel the courage to speak out on a topic, I have trouble doing it in the way I mentioned above {see grace-filled and peace-giving}.

As in…grace-filled speech and peace-giving language.

When I get into a situation that is controversial or tense – especially if what’s being said is an attack on God or the Church – I tend to become defensive.

We know these controversial or tense moments happen not only in face-to-face conversation but online, as well. In fact, it seems we get defensive quite easily online.

God can and will help us learn to take a step back in those moments; to redirect our thoughts to grace-filled speech and peace-giving language.

This is vital. It’s not playing it safe, but becoming more like Jesus.

When to give it all you’ve got?

[King] Ahab went to meet Elijah. When he saw Elijah, he said to him, “Is that you, you troubler of Israel?”1 Kings 18.16-17

This verse makes me laugh. Is there anyone in your life you’d classify as a troubler? I’m reminded of the old phrase “here comes trouble”. Apparently, this is exactly how Ahab felt about Elijah.

King Ahab took the throne when Israel was in a major split from Judah (like a church split, only far worse). National controversy and political upheaval were the norm, not to mention the sinful activities of the Israelites (including King Ahab).

Oh, and Ahab’s wife was Queen Jezebel. Among other flaws, she was a hard-core worshipper of Baal. She was born into it, noted, but she surely was also familiar with the worship and ways of Yahweh.

Still, she insisted on her pagan gods.

The Bible tells us she had hundreds of Baal prophets dining at her table regularly. And the king let Jezebel have her way.

Who was Elijah? He was an anointed prophet and respected man of God. Elijah was one who didn’t mind sharing his convictions. Playing it safe was not an option when he had heard from God.

Elijah was a “give it all you’ve got” individual.

When he walked in, the king greeted him with, “Is that you, you troubler of Israel?” What a reception. Somehow, I think Elijah had experienced this treatment before. He stood his ground and shared the word the Lord had given him for the people of Israel.

Do you play it safe or give it all you've got? Learn how to respond to the hard stuff. How to do it with grace and peace.What if they call you a troubler?

If you’re going to give it all you’ve got when responding to those hot topic questions {as opposed to playing it safe} some may look at you as a troubler. No doubt, you’ll step on a few toes. Someone will not agree with your take. They may get angry at your words.

Can you handle it?

If you walk in the room to a cold reception, or hear someone say, “She’s the one who won’t stop that God-talk” – how will you responde?

It’s time for grace-filled speech and peace-giving language – even when giving it all you’ve got.

  • Be resolute in your convictions.
  • Uphold the truth.
  • Trust God to help you navigate the situation.

And if the name Troubler comes with the territory, accept it gladly.

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  1. I know I always say the same… BUT you are incredible!! You are so “on point” and challenging! Thanks for letting me “hear your voice.”

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