3 ways to maintain devotion time…

How do you maintain your devotion time and Bible study?

Maintaining devotion time is challenging for all of us. You’ll find suggestions galore – from friends, family, online, at the bookstore – for how to do devotions and ideas on how to stay strong in your effort.

This is a topic I’m passionate about, primarily because I’ve started and stopped so many times. My failures are many when it comes to keeping up with Bible reading plans and devotional schedules, and the commitments I’ve made to both.

In this post, I want to share 3 ways I’ve found helpful to maintaining devotional time. And, later in the post, I’ll share a few tangible resources.

3 Ways to maintain a devotion time

  1. Choose devotion resources you LOVE.

If you try to use devotion materials you do not absolutely love, chances are you will not get very far before wavering. For this reason, you must find a devotion book, app, email series or other format you look forward to with anticipation.

Also, use a favorite Bible translation or, if your budget allows, shop for one you’ve not used before. Ask for recommendations from friends. Spend time in a Christian bookstore looking at the many options. Check out ChristianBook.com or Amazon for online ordering.

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  1. Find a routine that works for YOU.

I’ve written about it before, but cannot stress how important this is. Be it morning, noon or night, find a time that works best within your daily routine. At this season, the early morning hours are best for me. If you’re raising children and rushing to an 8-to-5 (and I’ve been there) morning may not work for you.

If you’re struggling, begin to pray and ask God to help you carve out the time. If you have a long commute, try an audible devotion you can listen to in the car. Don’t hesitate to try something different. Eventually, you will hit on what works for your now time.

{Need help establishing a Routine that works? This post is all about my Routine for devotion and prayer time.}

  1. Relax and be kind to yourself.

Relax with your devotion time and Bible study. That’s not relax to the point of letting it fall away all together, but let’s face it. Each of us has days or weeks when it’s difficult to make devotion time happen.

Be kind to yourself. Ask God to come into your situation and show you changes you can make. This may mean sacrificing something in order to make devotion time happen (i.e. television watching, social media, other activities).

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What tips can you share? If you’ve found other ways to successfully maintain devotion time, share it in the comments below. Another reader may benefit from what you’ve learned. And feel free to share the link to this post.

Some Devotional Favorites

As promised, here are a few of my current favorites for devotion time.

Believe:  365-Day Devotion

This is the devotion I’m using now. If you need answers to the question “Why I believe what I believe” –OR- if you want to better articulate what you believe, the Believe: 365-Day Devotion is a fantastic resource. It is also a great option for someone new to the Christian faith.


Hardly a day goes by I do not visit Bible Gateway. Here’s why:

  • Content is accessible FREE online, on any device, wherever you are. You can also get the Bible Gateway App to utilize resources.
  • Quickly search for Bible references (by keyword, passage or topic) in most Bible translations.
  • Lots of FREE devotional plans you can have emailed right to your inbox.
  • Bible reading plans (FREE)
  • Other FREE Bible Study Resources including commentaries, Bible dictionaries and other tools.

The Divine HoursDo you struggle with maintaining devotion time? Here are 3 ways proven ways to maintain your devotion time and Bible study.

If you’d like more focus in your prayer time -OR- you find yourself making statements like these…

  • “I cannot pray!”
  • “I feel SO empty.”
  • “Does God even hear me when I pray?”

…check out The Divine Hours. This is a book of prayers for every day of the year. It not only teaches the method of praying the hours, but gives you the actual prayers to pray – most of which is scripture straight from the Bible.

(*Note:  There are 3 volumes to The Divine Hours. I recommend purchasing one volume to start and see if you like it. I purchased most of my volumes used, in good condition, at a reduced cost.)

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12 thoughts on “3 ways to maintain devotion time…

  1. All 3 are so important. I used to be a stop and start girl as well….until I needed it too badly to stop for long! Your point #1 is so great, though, b/c great resources really pull us into Bible study. Great post!

  2. I love Tip #1! Makes sense, but I think sometimes we pick the devotional we think others would approve of over the one we really want to enjoy!
    Always great content on your blog Karlene!!! Hugs, lady!

  3. Great ideas! Devotional time is either my best time of the day or my worst. Your ideas bring us back to what is important and are easy to make our own. Blessings!

    • Thank you, Mary, for stopping by. I’ve tried so hard in this area that I’ve often made myself either miserable or guilty. Doesn’t need to be. Should be that best time you speak of.

  4. I think finding a routine that works for us is so important. I often looked at what worked for others & it was a struggle for me. But when I established my own routine, I looked forward to my devotional time each day. Wonderful post & practical suggestions.

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