Pondering bookshelves, deep cleaning and destiny…

Empty bookshelves are such a sad sight to my eyes, especially when they are my bookshelves.

And, someone is thinking, “Well, now that’s just weird.” I know it may sound strange if books are not that important to you. The phrase to-each-his-own may apply here.

Take my husband, for example.

To my knowledge, he has not read more than a handful of books in the past thirty years (if that many). Plenty of sports mags and newspapers devoured over the years, but books are not his thing. Maybe too time-consuming…or sleep inducing.

So, why were my bookshelves empty? Remember, our recent move. Of course, my beloved books had to go into packing boxes prior to leaving one house for the next. Because I needed to continue to work, I saved my home office until the last possible minute. Then, there sat the empty shelves in all their sad loneliness.

So, what’s on your bookshelves?

Do they display books, family photos, or keep sakes you hold dear? Is it time for you, like it was for me, to pack some things away or throw them out for good.

As I began the process of going through what was on my bookshelves, I came across books that were important to me at another time in my life. I realized the time had come to either find them a new home or toss them out. It was a process. Some went in a stack in one corner of the room while I thought about it…for days.

My bookshelves also held an item or two that conjured up unpleasant or painful memories…

  • a relationship that had run its course
  • a job or position gone by the wayside
  • a mistake made and a lesson learned

Though forever woven into the tapestry of my life, I felt it was time to part with some of these visual reminders. It was time to let go.

Could there be items sitting on your bookshelves that cause painful memories to re-surface?

When you look there, do you see pictures or keepsakes that drudge up things you thought you had laid aside long ago? Are there things on your bookshelves holding you back from today’s mission or your God-given destiny?

My bookshelves are no longer empty.

After a few months of the packing – moving – unpacking process, my books and other treasures are finally in place. Yes, there are a some things missing. Books that were no longer relevant or useful did not make the move, along with a few other items I needed to remove from my sight line.

Here’s my challenge to you:

Take inventory of your bookshelves and perhaps extend the inventory to other areas of your life. Take time for some deep cleaning and clearing out the clutter. And, by all means, let go of some things as you move on toward your God-designed destiny.

Thank you, Father, for the different seasons and experiences in our lives. They are all a part of the process. Through them, you shape and teach us. Help us to recognize when the time is right for deep cleaning. As we take inventory of the bookshelves, may we let go of whatever is holding us back in our pursuit of you and your destiny for us. Amen.

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2 thoughts on “Pondering bookshelves, deep cleaning and destiny…

  1. I did this recently… and isn’t it funny how a title or cover of a book can suddenly create a certain spot in time?! I love bookshelves brimming with books, but yes, sometimes certain material is only needed for a while, then, like many things in our lives, they need to move on.
    And in doing so, we give room for the titles and memories that truly matter, no matter how much time goes by…
    I think I’ll go open up a book right now…. great post, Karlene!

    • Isn’t it funny how God shows up unexpectedly in the “little” things? This move brought me many moments of reflection – some joyous and some sad. We grow from these moments. Blessings…

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