His Church…

How do you feel about His Church these days?

Love the church in the picture up there, though it doesn’t look much like many of our churches today.

The local church we attend is 21st century, high-tech. There are multiple services on Sunday mornings. The music is loud and the worship contemporary. God is doing amazing things and we love worshiping there.

A few years back, one Sunday morning I was in a much smaller church in Texas.

They, too, incorporate a modern approach, as their budget allows. Due to increased attendance, they began a second Sunday service.

Most of the people are bi-lingual. Their worship moves from English to Spanish seamlessly. They are energetic and excited to be in God’s house.

Later that day in downtown Austin, I attended an afternoon church service for refugees.

They were meeting in a rented room in a Presbyterian Church, but they are full gospel. Most in attendance only recently arrived in the U.S. and they speak little English.

I didn’t understand a word sung or spoken, but felt God’s presence deeply.

This is His Church.

I’m grateful for His Church found across this country and around the world. His Church is alive and well. Worship styles are diverse. Facilities come in all shapes and sizes.

His Church includes different structures, fellowships and denominations – or non-denominations. Some gatherings are liturgical; others more casual and spontaneous.

And, where there are people, there are problems.

We cannot NOT mention this. Some say, “I’ve been hurt by the Church.” Or there’s the, “Christians are the most judgmental [gossiping, stingy, controlling] people I’ve ever met.”

Where do you stand?

I don’t know what your experience has been. Have I ever been hurt or disappointed in the Church? Yes, but I’ve also been hurt and disappointed by co-workers, classmates, friends and even family.

Where there are people, there are problems. His Church is no exception.

And I know this. In spite of the culture and attitude towards His Church today…

  • When people are in need, they run to His Church.
  • When people are hurting, they run to His Church.
  • When people are alone, they run to His Church.
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They run to us. They run to you and me. They look for those who are in relationship with God. They look for someone who knows how to pray. They look to His Church, God’s representatives on the earth.

Unfortunately, His Church is not always the best representative.

We are human. We are flawed. By His grace, we can do better.

Recently, I attended a women’s conference. One of the speakers, @Wendy Treat, said this about His Church.

I don’t know what Church you know, but the churches I’ve been in are full of the kindest, most generous, most loving people I’ve ever been around. – Wendy Treat

This statement should inspire us in two specific ways.

  1. As His Church, we need to live up to this statement. We should be the kindest, most generous, most loving people others see when they look at His Church.
  2. As Christians, we need to speak about His Church with complimentary, uplifting and encouraging words. What we say about His Church is the only opinion many outside the Church will ever know.

What does Church mean to you? Does church leave a good or bad taste in your mouth? When people are in need or pain, they run to His Church...We need His Church.

His Church is a part of His plan. We need the fellowship and friendship of His Church. We need the teaching and prayer received there. We need times of corporate worship. These things should encourage and build up our faith.

If we are grateful for His Church, then let’s demonstrate it by being the best possible representatives of Him. And let’s show that gratefulness by speaking well of His Church and His people.

We are grateful for His Church because we ARE His Church.

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  1. I love this! It’s so interesting to visit other culture’s churches, not understand the language, but still feel God’s presence. Visiting from #RaRaLinkup

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