Cowardly lions, courage and giving it away…

What do you think of when you hear the word courage?

This may sound shallow, but I think of the cowardly lion in the Wizard of Oz. One of my childhood dreams was to get to stay home from church on a Sunday night and watch the movie. I think I was a grown woman before I saw it in its entirety…but I digress.

The truth is I’m probably not the best one to write about courage.

I’m pretty sure it’s not a word friends or family would use to describe me. It’s okay, though, because courage does not flow out of who I am, but out of who HE is in me.

In and of myself, I am weak and fearful. In and of myself, I am nervous and anxious. In the face of difficulty or danger, my mind and spirit are troubled.

  • In GOD, however, I am stronger.
  • In HIM, fear gives way to faith.
  • In HIM, courage looks difficulty and danger in the face, and says, Greater is He who is in me… (1 John 4.4)
  • In HIM, my mind is calm and my spirit takes flight, soaring to heights unreachable – in and of myself.
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The author Frances J. Roberts writes as if God is speaking directly to the reader (much like today’s Jesus Calling by Sarah Young). In On the Highroad of Surrender, Roberts writes this about courage…

Though you may have gained a measure of strength, remember that it was not native; it has been cultivated through a multitude of experiences, and you can remember many times when you were fearful and trembling.¹

Are you sharing courage? Be an encourager for someone. Share courage; the courage God has cultivated in you...Do you remember times of fear and trembling?

I am grateful for more and more strength (and courage) as I’ve learned to trust God. It’s because I’ve been cultivated through a multitude of experiences. Do you know someone who is in a place of fear and trembling today? Roberts also says…

Other souls are still in the place of fear and desperation. Be always ready and willing to stand with them in that place and share your faith and courage!

You can share out of your own faith and courage – that courage God has cultivated in you. Why not join hands, and faith, and give away courage to someone you know who is in need?

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If you are the one in a place of fear and desperation…

Let me be the one to share courage with you now. I’m giving it away. In and of yourself, you are weak, but in God, you will find everything you need. Know I’m standing with you. By faith, you can reach out and receive courage now. Be encouraged, friend – and gain courage – today!

…the One who is in you is greater than the one who is in the world. 1 John 4.4b NIV

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¹On the High Road of Surrender

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