Pondering daughter-in-law, mommies, perspective and God’s ways…

If I could have picked the mother of my grandson, I would have chosen the mommy he has. Yes, God put them together and His ways are best. Besides that, she really is the perfect woman for the job.

My ponderings are all over the map, I know. One week I’m writing out of some deep, spiritual place. The next time it’s about our latest family celebration. Life is that way, though, so why exclude what happens in real-time?

So, this week is daughter-in-law’s birthday. The occasion has me thinking of what a truly great mom she is for our little B-man. The looks on their faces in the picture tell the story. I am so glad I was standing in the perfect spot to capture this moment, and so thankful my phone camera cooperated.

What you see in this picture is all about perspective.

Some will look at it and think, “How sweet. She’s watching a friend’s child.” Others may wonder, “Is that his real mom?” By the way, the answer is, “Yes, she IS his real mom, and an amazing one, at that.”

When I look at this picture, I see my daughter-in-law watching over and protecting her son. I see her enjoying the great excitement he was experiencing in riding that pony. I do not see her at all concerned about what some might view as an unconventional appearance of mother and son.

They belong to each other.

As a family, we decided not to use the word adoption in front of B. The truth is we no longer think or talk about it. He is a part of our family and we give not a lot of thought to it, other than to remember how grateful we are for the great gift his birth mom gave.

At the young age of two, B gets upset if he sees daughter-in-law holding another child. He will start to pout and say, “That’s my momma!” We laugh and say, “It’s okay, Momma is just holding [other child’s name].” He does not want her to show attention to other children. She is HIS mommy.

So, I celebrate daughter-in-law as a most amazing mom.

And, to all the adoptive moms, foster mothers, or step-moms out there who may look a little unconventional, remember it’s a matter of perspective. What is unconventional to some, is absolutely perfect to God. His ways are in the middle of it all.

And its His perspective that matters the most.

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  1. What a perfect pondering!!! You have spoken of this relationship with such heart and truth! Thanks Karlene for loving my baby girl and being such a support. B is hers and she is his!! I couldnt be prouder of our children and the life they have chosen. Nor could I love B anymore—-he is a perfect fit.

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