What’s your favorite Bible verse?

For some reason, this question has always grated on me. I’m not saying it’s a bad question to ask, especially of someone who’s been living the Christian life awhile.

Ironically, though, my reaction is probably closer related to me being a church-girl my entire life. And from being a preacher’s daughter. And, as one serving in ministry.

This may sound shallow. Maybe it IS shallow. Why let it bother me? I think my personality definitely has something to do with being put off by the question.


  • I’m a private person.
  • I do not like to be put on the spot.
  • I don’t want to feel like you’re trying to test my Bible knowledge.
  • I need some time to consider my answer.

Are any one of these justifiable reason to let myself be offended?

No. Should we be more prepared to respond? Probably, and it could certainly help save us from those moments of irritation, embarrassment or the blank stare on our face that says, “I cannot think of one single Bible verse right now!”

Have I ever asked this question of someone else? No, and I can’t imagine I would – probably because I don’t like the question myself. Not to mention I really want to respond with, “How do you expect me to pick a favorite?” Seriously, if we’re true lovers of God’s Word, how do we choose a favorite?

There’s an alternative question.

If the timing is appropriate, the conversation lends itself to the topic AND the person you’re talking to didn’t just become a believer yesterday…try asking them, “What is God saying to you?”

My experience has shown this question is less threatening. It won’t make them feel like a less-than Christian for not having an arsenal of Bible verses at the ready.

More importantly, their response will probably reveal something to you of where they are, what they’re dealing with, or how you might be an encouragement.

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So, if you see me on the street anytime soon, I know you’re going to ask, “What’s your favorite Bible verse?” It may take me back for a minute, but I do think I could respond.

In fact, today I’d probably say, “Luke 11.3.” If you recognize this verse taken from the passage that is The Lord’s Prayer, you may think it a strange choice.

Give us daily our bread [food for the morrow]. Luke 11.3

Go ahead. Ask me, “Why that verse?”

And I’ll respond, “Here’s what God is saying to me.”

Hate the question "What's your favorite Bible verse?" What can we say instead that doesn't alienate or offend others? Find out here...He began speaking to me about the Bread over a year ago, when I started including The Lord’s Prayer as a part of my devotion and prayer time.

As I studied the Bread in scripture, I found this verse is talking about far more than the bread He provides for our physical nourishment, though we’re so grateful for that.

The Word of God is also the Bread for our souls. The Baker is always on the job. He never sleeps or takes a vacation. He is serving up hot, fresh Bread every day.

Jesus Christ is the Bread of Life come down from the Father (the Master Baker). Just this morning, I wept over this truth. He became the Bread so we could have life forever.

So, I guess you could say I’ve learned how to handle the question that grates on me. We can agree it’s for the best. When I’m the one asking the question, though, I’m definitely gonna stick with the alternative.

“What is God saying to you?”

Go ahead. Ask the question. Even if your co-worker, neighbor, friend or family member looks back at you and says nothing, you’ll most likely see it in their eyes. You may glimpse assurance or longing, confusion or contentment, happiness or deep sadness.

Instead of grating on him or her, I’m believing you’ll find an open door in that moment.

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