Is it relevant OR irrelevant…

Here’s my question. Or I should say, “Here’s the question we’ve been asking in the Church for, well…since the Church began.”

A couple of days after I posted “The importance of being relevant…” I opened up the current Bible study I’m working my way through. At the end of that day’s lesson, I came across the following statement by Bible teacher, Beth Moore.

They became culturally RELEVANT without becoming spiritually IRRELEVANT

Pause for a minute and take that in. This statement stopped me dead in my tracks. It made me smile. Sitting at my kitchen table, I said out loud to myself, “Oh!”

A bit of explanation on this quote. The study is on the book of Daniel. When we think of Daniel, our minds usually go to the lion’s den. Years before Daniel found himself in that lion’s den life-or-death situation, he and other young men had to leave their homeland of Judah.

They were about fifteen years old when King Nebuchadnezzar had them taken hostage. His mission? Train these young men in the ways of Babylon.

Babylon culture was about as non-Christian as any that’s existed.

Daniel and his friends, having been raised up in the Hebrew faith and taught to honor the one true living God, got the culture shock of their young lives.

Forced to leave their families, the King even gave them new names that honored the gods of Babylon. And he dictated they be schooled and indoctrinated in the pagan culture of Babylon, including what they ate and drank.

Here is the key thing. Go read the first chapter of Daniel. Get this for yourself – your children – your grandchildren – your students – your friends…

Daniel RESOLVED not to defile himself… Daniel 1.8

“Which should we be more concerned with – being culturally relevant or spiritually irrelevant?”

Relevant or irrelevant - which is it? What should we, as believers, be most concerned with? We can be relevant and maintain our RESOLVE.We have a role model in Daniel.

He and his three close friends (commonly known to us as Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego, though their Hebrew names were Hananiah, Mishael and Azariah) had to study and learn the ways of Babylon. They were completely submersed in a culture that went against their upbringing and all they’d been taught.

Have you faced anything similar? I mean training, exposure, or schooling in a cultural thing you were not comfortable with? What about our children? Are they facing this today or will they tomorrow?

And let’s go back to the Church. How much of the culture – the latest and greatest – the technological advances – the lights, the sounds, the action – do we embrace and incorporate?

Two things come to mind.

As I’m sitting here with fingers flying over the keys and words rushing through my head…two things come to mind.

  1. Keep Jesus the main thing. Always keep Jesus at the forefront of our programs – our worship – our preaching.
  2. View the world and its culture through God and His Word.

Or, maybe three things. Yea, there’s a third thing…maintain your RESOLVE. Never sacrifice spiritual relevance. “Be relevant.” It’s very important, but not at the cost of becoming spiritually irrelevant. So, here it is again:

  1. Keep Jesus the main thing.
  2. View the world and its culture through God and His Word.
  3. Maintain your RESOLVE.

They became culturally RELEVANT without becoming spiritually IRRELEVANT.

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 Find the Bible study on Daniel by Beth Moore HERE.

¹Daniel:  Lives of Integrity – Words of Prophecy. © 2006 Beth Moore. Published by LifeWay Press.

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  1. So good mi sobrina! You are spot on! I can only speak for my age (almost 69 – gasp!), but this issue has been out there for at least my lifetime! I too believe we can do both…not always easy, no; but keeping Him and His word in the forefront is key! Love you so much! Write on!

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