Pondering memories old and new, and God seeping…

For the second time today I am at Starbucks.

It’s a 2-trip kind of day. Moving out of our house of 20+ years. The moving truck filled to overflowing, including the coffee pot! (Other posts about the move: Pondering beanie babies, cabbage patch dolls and memories… and Pondering tables and our place at His… )

When moving, did you ever try throwing stuff up and over the top of what is already crammed into the truck?

You do it hoping the item will fall somewhere and just stay put. Son tried to convince us to do it with a queen mattress. Apparently, he had experience.

The closing on house #1 went off without a hitch – ten minutes, tops.

The process of house #2 has been enough to send us over the edge. We’ve done everything they’ve required in record time. Is this process designed to simply drive one mad? In the meantime we are enjoying family by staying at son and daughter-in-law’s.

In the process of all that is happening, God spoke to me today. Does God speak to you? Often when I am not looking for it, he speaks. Suddenly, His words and His thoughts seep into what I am saying and thinking. Thank you, Lord for seeping in.

Right before I walked out of house #1 for the last time…

…I snapped a photo of the EMPTY family room. As I drove off, memories and emotions hit me. Vivid pictures came to mind.

  • children’s birthday parties
  • high school hangouts
  • family holidays
  • us doing life together

“We’ve also had our share of pain, illness, mistakes and disappointment,” I thought. “All has not been fun and games in this house.”

This is where God seeped in.

He said, “You’ve done the best you knew to do, and I was helping along the way. In this home, you showed your children how to know and serve Me. It’s time for new memories now.” Thank you, Lord, for seeping.

Sometimes, God speaks and it is for us to keep to ourselves. Other times, He wants us to share it. I share this today for the reader who needs to hear it. You know who you are. Wherever you are in life, let God seep in. He has the words you need to hear. Be encouraged!

As for that overflow, it is now packed (or thrown) into both our vehicles. Mine is orderly and covered with a blanket. Husband’s is not. If you know us, you aren’t surprised. As we neared the end, we found we had much more than we could get into that moving truck.

My main lesson from this moving day…

Memories are good, both old and new, and they go with us when we move. God gives new beginnings, and as we run through life He seeps in, if we let Him.

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