Pondering morning coffee and anticipations…

Are you an early riser who anticipates the day or a hit-the-snooze-button addict who’d rather pull the covers over your head?

These days, I usually wake up around 7-ish. Sometimes earlier, but rarely later. I’ve not always been able to do it. It’s a perk of working from home – that and being able to work in pajamas, which rarely happens. It also means I may be at my computer in the evening hours or on the weekend.

Once I’m out of bed and the security alarm is off, I go let the dog out. Then, my very next step is to make coffee.

Anyone else anticipate that first cup?

The remainder of my day is pretty structured. I spend a lot of my time at home which, to some, translates lots of free time to do nothing. My days are full, though, as I do have a job and deadlines to meet. I’ve learned to work from home actually requires more organization and self-discipline than other jobs I’ve held.

For almost thirty years, I did an 8-to-5 somewhere. I was up at 6 a.m. or before, depending on what I had to do before leaving home for the day. Packing the diaper bag, finishing the laundry load of sports uniforms needed for a game, counting out lunch money or whatever else demanded attention.

And drinking the anticipated first cup.

Some mornings, the coffee maker didn’t get set up the night before (this was long before K-cups, mind you). I had to either wait until I got to the office or stop along the way for a first cup. Mark has never been a coffee drinker, so any fail at not setting the maker to auto-brew was all mine.

Since daughter-in-law recently returned to her job following new baby leave, I’ve been keeping grandson #2 once or twice a week. He arrives at Gigi’s house around 7:25 a.m. The joy of having him here has required me to adjust a thing or two. Rule #1 – set up the coffee pot to auto-brew before going to bed.

Here’s a newsflash…caring for an infant as a grandma is a little more challenging than when I was a young mom. Maybe the other grandmas can relate to this. Prepare is necessary.

Here are a few things I need before the little 3-month-old darling is deposited into my care on those early mornings.

  • Be up, dressed (in clothes, not pj’s) and have my teeth brushed, or it may not happen until 5 p.m.
  • Get in some prayer and devotion time or, well, it won’t happen at all.
  • Have at least one strong cup of coffee in me before the doorbell rings.

Later, when the baby’s napping, I usually get a little work in. And when he’s awake, I do lots of holding and cuddling (because I’m Gigi and I can hold him all day if I want).

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Only a true coffee drinker can appreciate what I’m about to describe next.

The smell of coffee brewing at 6:30 a.m. is Glorious. Enticing. Promising. Drawing. And, it breeds anticipation.

I’d almost forgotten that smell, since I don’t often need to set the coffee up to start brewing before I wake. On the days when my phone alarm announces Baby B is coming soon, I’m already smelling the Glorious and Promising wafting across the house and through the door of the bedroom.

That cup of Joe is calling my name. Anticipation of the hot, dark liquid hitting my lips gets me up and out of bed.

There’s another anticipation in me I’ve noticed lately.

If you know me or have read the blog much, you know I enjoy devotion time and Bible study. It’s been a part of my life for a long time.

Are you an early riser and coffee anticipate-r or hit-the-snooz- button addict? Longing for that first cup of coffee is glorious...In recent months, though, I’ve found myself restless in the mornings. I mean before I’m out of the bed. This may begin as early as 5 a.m. Once my body gives in to the fact that I am not going back to sleep, thoughts of God pop in my head. I realize for some of you this is perfectly normal. Maybe I’m ashamed to say it’s not always been so for me.

Sometimes, I silently breathe thank you. Sometimes, a vivid thought comes to me: “I get to spend time with Him now!” It’s become the great anticipation of the morning – better, even, than the anticipated first cup of coffee.

My takeaway from all of this:  God often uses the unexpected to bring us around. He’s using these unusual early mornings and coffee on auto-brew – these days of caring for a new grand baby – to teach me the fresh and beautiful anticipation of time spent alone with Him, and in His Word.

He has me longing for that first cup in a whole new way.

image credit  Emre Gencer

For those wondering, yes, I know coffee machines exist which allow us to insert a nifty, small cup of pre-measured coffee grounds into the pot, press a button, and have an almost instant first cup, be it morning, noon or night. I owned and used one for years. I recently got rid of it after admitting to myself I am not fond of the taste of the coffee it produces. (Not to mention, I hate paying for those nifty, small, pre-measured cups of coffee grounds.)

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