Pondering my one word for 2015…

Words are super important.

If you don’t think so, spend just one day in another culture surrounded by a community of people speaking in a language other than English.

When you don’t understand what’s being spoken…

…it doesn’t take long to realize how important words are. Words give direction, bring clarification and set the tone.

Speaking of words, in recent years I’ve chosen a Bible verse for the year; simple words to bring a theme to my days. It was something I’d heard others talk about doing but wasn’t sure of the need for it in my life.  Is it necessary to choose a verse for an effective walk with God? No, but I’ve found it beneficial in many ways.

I’ve seen God use my chosen verse (simple words) to bring focus.

It’s amazing, and so like God – the verse will repeatedly come back to me throughout the year – in a message or devotion, during a conversation, when online – bringing direction again and again. I’ve also found my verse a good conversation starter.

So, if a verse then why not just a word? God can give us just a word for the year we are about to go through. This is not an attempt to trivialize or take the focus off God’s Word (as in my verse for the year). His Word is my guideline and my lifeline! Just one word, though, might be an even better conversation starter, especially when talking with non-Christians.

Thanks to Oneword365 (and God) I now have just a word for 2015.

“Forget New Year’s Resolutions,” their website says, “and choose just one word.” I love it! Check out their site to find out more about Oneword365.

And so, friends, here we are just twenty-one days into the new year.

Both my word and verse are doing their work already. God is giving direction, bringing clarification and setting the tone. Back in December, a verse in Psalm 27 began to speak to my heart. It seemed everywhere I looked or listened, the verse was there.

By the time January 1st arrived, I knew Psalm 27.14 would be my verse for the year.

About mid-January, as I began to think about just a word for the year, I realized it was right there in front of me. In the middle of my already chosen verse, God was saying, “Wait.”  Wait for the Lord. Be strong. Let your heart take courage. Wait for the Lord.

And so I must ask, “What word is He giving you?”

4 thoughts on “Pondering my one word for 2015…

  1. What a great word, and post also! Waiting is hard, for me at least. But it is also worth it. Especially waiting for the Lord. That is the best thing ever, and I’m learning it 🙂

  2. The Psalms just seem to resonate so much with the believer on a practical yet profound level… love the verse you are clinging to for the year. And waiting on the Lord is the best kind of reliance on His moving, and giving, and teaching… loved when you said both your word and verse were doing their work already.

    • Thanks, Christine. As I read your comment, I remembered the “word” from Jeremiah 1.12 that says, “You have seen well, for I am watching over my word to perform it.” Yes, His Word is doing it’s work.

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