Pondering the value of a name on Valentine’s Day…

Every year it comes.

The women in the family look for it. We expect it. I’m talking about a very special card given to us each year by a man who has given each one of us a special name.

To him, I am Sis, sometimes Sweet Sis……and in keeping with his tradition, Sugar Sis. As his one and only daughter, I am the original. There have been many added over the years and the number continues to grow.

431220921Of course, his #1 valentine is his wife, my mom.

He never fails to shower her with cards, gifts and love on this day. She was not his first, though, for his own dear mother was actually born on Valentine’s Day.

They named her Lula Valentine. Almost one hundred years later, her great-granddaughter (my niece) was born on Valentine’s Day. Her middle name is also Valentine.

The anticipated card arrives during the week of love; the holiday commercialized like no other. Walk into any department or corner drug store in the US in mid-January. Before they’ve finished clearing the aisles of 75% off Christmas decor, they’re prepping the Valentine’s Day displays. Consumer marketing at its best.

The day named after a saint and historically attributed to Christian martyrs has become a commercialized mess.

Everyone attempts to capitalize on the event, from florists to restaurants to travel agents. It’s an opportunity to earn – and we buy into it. We expect flowers, expensive meals and cards on this day (costing upwards of $5-10, depending on where you live…or how much you are loved).

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I mean, what’s more right than you treated her yesterday. I think we all could use a reminder to treat those we love with a bit more kindness and a gentler love – and not just on V-Day. It doesn’t require breaking the bank to do what’s right, though.

Dad sends a simple, inexpensive card to the women in his life.

He extends his love on Valentine’s Day, beyond his wife, to the woman and girls who are his offspring. The women who marry into the family are included, too (and there are quite a few because we had a lot of grandsons to marry off).

The value of Dad’s simple card is worth far more than what he spends. His message to us, not only on Valentine’s Day but all year-long: You are my treasure and I have given you a special name. To him, we are Sugar Sis, Sugar Bear, Sugar Mouse, and he just keeps coming up with the Sugar names.

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I could say much more about God’s perspective on our name and our identity in Him. For now, I simply leave you with this verse from Isaiah 43. Happy day of all things lovely and heart-filled to you.

I have redeemed you; I have summoned you by name; you are mine. Isaiah 43.1

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6 thoughts on “Pondering the value of a name on Valentine’s Day…

  1. There really is something special about a handwritten card with our names on it. The extra time and thought put into it makes us feel special and loved in such an intimate way. It reveals the heart of the person writing it. I feel that way when I read the bible, God’s love letter to me. Love this post! Thanks for sharing on #TellHisStory

    • I couldn’t agree more. We’re losing the art (and soul) of the written word, I fear. Thank you SO much for stopping by and for the encouragement. #TellHisStory

  2. Your dad’s tradition of sending Valentine’s cards to all the women in the family is beautiful. It is a celebration that has become far too commercialised and that’s a lovely, meaningful way to mark it. I love the link with God calling each of us by name.

  3. Called by name, and treasured. The assurance of a loving Father! And His valentine… came in the shape of a cross.
    Amazing love. I pray we share it all year long!

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