What are you praying for this year?

Here we are and the month of January is almost over.

For many of us, January involves both reflection and looking ahead to new things.

So, in light of this, I’m wondering what you are praying for. I do realize it’s personal…and it’s unlikely you want to spout it off in the comments. I mean you can if you want, though what I really want to do is encourage you to think about it.

What are you praying for this year?

Are you praying for God’s promises to come to pass? He reveals His promises to us over and over in scripture. Yet, it is our responsibility to receive, respond, and act. Then, often, we must wait. If you’ve been waiting for a long time, don’t give up.

ACTION: Do a scripture search on the promises of God. Write down a few you find encouraging and begin to pray them daily. Here’s an example: ‘God’s Promises’ search on Biblegateway.com

Are you praying for hope to be renewed? Hope is ours as God’s child. Where would we be without Hope? Sometimes, though, hope falters. In our humanness, we become weary in the waiting. As we take steps to build up our faith, hope is renewed.

 ACTION: Build up your faith as you watch this slide show of 10 Bible Verses of Renewal and Hope.¹ {This is another great resource for praying God’s Word.}

Are you praying to know God’s purpose for your life? As we grow in our relationship with God, it is only natural we desire to know His purpose. Often, God says not yet. I tend to want to run and jump when God says wait. Here are two things that have helped me.

ACTION: 1. Get a grasp on why you are here. {Read Genesis 1.26-28; Colossians 3.1-3Colossians 3.10 and note we are made in God’s image and hidden in Him.} 2. Learn to wait on His purpose and be encouraged. {Read Philippians 1.6Psalm 63.3Jeremiah 29.11}

“Life is a gift…Life is a test…Life is a temporary assignment….” ― Rick Warren²

Purple leaves with post title | What are you praying for this year?It always pays to go to God’s Word.

Believe me, I am fairly experienced with the New Year prayers of demand and desperation. You know, those prayers where you tell God I’ve waited long enough or I’ve had all I can take. Or, that things have to be different this year!

Even though I’ve been in the Church my entire life, I am really just learning to pray the scriptures and promises.

Also, it’s only in recent years I’ve began to grasp the big picture of God’s plan – to learn to rest where I am and in why I’m here.

Whatever your prayers focus on this year, search the Bible for scripture that speaks to that need.

Most of the time, you can do a simple internet search. If you have questions about the meaning or application of a particular verse, dig deeper into the original language. The FREE Blue Letter Bible is great for this. {I use their App on my tablet and phone.}

And if your prayers this year are for hard things, remember…this is all temporary.

Heaven and earth will pass away, but [Jesus’] words will never pass away.Matthew 24.35 NIV

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¹10 Bible Verses of Renewal and Hope by Debbie McDaniel, Crosswalk.com {effective as of date of post, 1/22/2018}

²The Purpose Driven Life: What on Earth Am I Here for? by Rick Warren

image credits  Nielsen Ramon & Annie Spratt

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