Who’s protecting your house?

The world will steal your family, your talents, your marriage, your purpose, and your future – if you don’t protect the house.

That’s a harsh way to begin a post, so let me back off a little.

For decades, I’ve been intrigued by stories of monarchy and royalty. If there’s a book or movie about the House of Tudor, House of Windsor, or any other such House, I may have read or seen it.

There’s something rather fascinating about it all. {Imagine that in a British accent and catch the fascination.}

On a beautiful Spring day in May of ’81, the House of Baker and the House of Arthur came together. The wedding festivities went off without a hitch {almost} and we were off to honeymoon in Florida.

This was not a match of royal birth.

Furthermore, about 3 days in, it all threatened to fall apart when Mark and I disagreed on where to have dinner.

It didn’t take long for the foundation of our house to shake. There have been a few more of those episodes over the past 35+ years.

Whether you’re married, single, blended, raising grandchildren, caring for parents, or living in another household scenario…you must protect the house.

It’s about the house.

Sandwiched in the middle of the Judges period in the Old Testament, the story of Gideon gives us one example of the world’s efforts to steal the house.

The Medianites were out to starve the Israelites {and feed themselves}. Whenever Israel had sown crops and worked the land, the Medianites would destroy the produce of the earth […] and leave no sustenance for Israel. {see Judges 6.3-4 NKJV}

God spoke to Gideon and told him he would use him to save the House of Israel {His people} from this oppression. Notice Gideon’s response.

But Lord […] how can I rescue Israel? My clan is the weakest in the whole tribe of Manasseh, and I am the least in my entire family! Judges 6.15 NLT

Who’s your clan?

If God gave you specific directions for how to save your clan {which He did for Gideon} how would you respond?

In general, I have a habit of coming up with excuses and allowing insecurities to control my response when God asks something of me. Let someone say something about a member of my family, though, and my insecurities quickly dissipate.

You do not want to mess with this Mamma, if you know what I mean.

But, alas, protecting the house is about much more than getting riled up over something someone has said about one of your clan.

How to protect the House? {lessons from Gideon}

#1 – Bring an offering (Judges 6.17-20)

Who's protecting your house? Find tips and encouragement from Gideon. God's Word gives direction in this area. Be sure to protect the house.In the middle of feeling inadequate and wondering how God could use him, Gideon asked for a sign. He needed assurance that what he had heard was really God.

Gideon somehow knew there was something required of him {I say somehow because Gideon’s family were followers of Baal.}

Now, food was not only hard to come by, but a matter of life and death. Notice ¹the Angel of the Lord found Gideonbeating wheat in the winepress to hide it from the Midianites.

Still, he prepared a meal as an offering to God.

What do you need to lay on the altar, today? What costly thing must you dedicate to Him. Bring your household and her inhabitants. Let God know you mean business.

#2 – Tear down the things not of God (Judges 6.25-27)

When it comes to our house we must distinguish between what is pleasing to God, and what is not. And all the household may not receive your decisions well.

God required Gideon to tear down the pagan altar of Baal and replace it with an altar to the Lord. It was risky. Gideon was afraid – even of his own family and how they would respond. Yet, he obeyed.

How your house will serve the Lord?

Be diligent. Stand firm. And do not waver.

#3 – Put on the Spirit of the Lord (Judges 6.34)

Not only will the world try to steal your family, your talents, your marriage, your purpose, and your futureit will steal your very life, if you let it.

Gideon found this out first-hand. The men of his city and his own kin were ready to kill him when they found out he’d torn down the altar of Baal {their god}.

But the Spirit of the Lord clothed Gideon with Himself and took possession of him, and he blew a trumpet, and [the clan of] Abiezer was gathered to him. Judges 6.34 AMPC

God did not forsake Gideon. He kept His word and rallied the clan. God caused them to come behind Gideon and support him as leader.

It’s about the *house*.

It’s about bringing an offering and tearing down those things not of God. It’s about His Spirit enveloping your household in love, unity, and protection.

Are you making household decisions according to God’s expectations? Allow God to take possession of your house, today.

Do so and find protection – for now and eternity.

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¹Judges 6.11 AMPC

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  1. Karlene,
    I love your writing 🙂 Fun, yet you’re teaching great stuff. I stopped by via the #GraceandTruth Linkup and I’m glad I did. Praying you continue influencing others to live as God desires them to live.
    Be Blessed & Refreshed,
    ~Sherry Stahl

  2. This is great, Karlene. I appreciate your challenge to clear out our homes of anything that does not allow us to serve God with a pure heart. But even more so, I appreciate your encouraging us to worship first! Be blessed this weekend!

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