What I’m doing, reading, watching… {Fall 2017}

Fall is one of my favorite times of the year.

Cooler weather, comforting soup, cozy leggings…

Sandwiched between the sweltering summer and frigid winter, fall is a nice reprieve {at least here in Oklahoma, where we actually have four seasons}.

So, if you didn’t notice, I failed to do a What I’m doing, reading, watching…{Summer 2017} post. It simply did not happen and I’d rather not discuss it, okay? Moving right along…

Here's what I was doing, reading, watching this Fall 2017. Learn more and find links, tips, and encouragement for your soul...What I did this Fall…

The truth is my Fall was rather consumed by two ministry trips out of the country. This included speaking in a Christian leaders’ conference, church services, and small group gatherings. It was a beautiful time and I’m grateful for the opportunity.

To say I was in Asia and Honduras for most of October is one thing – but an international ministry trip means a lot of preparation and recovery, long flights and layovers, and plenty of time to read.

And read I did.

You’ll find the following list is almost entirely fiction. For me, this is not normal. I generally like to alternate between fiction and nonfiction. And dip in and out of books on theology, commentaries, etc. – which did happen as I was preparing for those ministry trips.

While you’ll see an unusual lack of serious reading on this list, I’ve been spending a lot of time in the Chronological Study Bible. I am so in love with that Bible.

What I read…

Home to Walnut Ridge {the Teacup Novellas, book 3} by Diane Moody – You can read this sweet, little book in one lazy afternoon or evening. It’s one of five Teacup Novellas and I think I’ll be reading the others, too.

Redemption Series by Karen Kingsbury and Gary Smalley – The Redemption series, all five books, had been in my Kindle library for awhile…just waiting on me to read them. Why it took me so long I do not know, but when I finished book one in the Baxter family series I was completely hooked.

Firstborn Series by Karen Kingsbury – The Baxter family story continues in the Firstborn series. By this time, I was taking advantage of the Library Extension available on Google Chrome. There are four books in the Firstborn series and I read three free with the library extension.

Sunrise Series by Karen Kingsbury – This is the final series on the Baxter family {though I understand they do appear occasionally in Kingsbury’s follow-up project, the Bailey Flanigan series}. Again, I read most of these free by checking them out from the library. And I felt like a member of the family by the time I finished the last book.

Moments With Majesty by Jack Hayford – In the Spring 2017 What I’m doing, reading, watching… post I shared I’d started re-reading this book. Now that I’m almost finished with it, I’m thinking about how much I’ll miss it as part of my morning quiet time.

What I watched…

Call the Midwife – This Fall, I’ve been binge watching my latest watching obsession. Why has no one told me about Call the Midwife before now?! So much fun…and tears…and birthing babies. And it’s British. And I’m ready for a new season now.

Law & Order SVU – If you’ve been hanging around here any length of time, it should come as no surprise I’ve been watching my old fav. Yes, I do have this thing for crime and/or police drama. I hope that does not disappoint you.

Chicago PD – I love me some Chicago PD, but I’m grateful for the ability to DVR. Especially because if Mark is not home and it’s dark outside, I’ll save this {and Law & Order SVU} for another evening when I’m not home alone.

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