How do we turn this around? {Let’s come together.}

We’ve been saying things are a mess for a while now, but it’s really far more than a mess. The protests, rioting, life-taking, and racial tension reported across our country is a tragedy – right here in the land of the free and home of the brave.

We’ve seen so much written, posted, tweeted, shared…

If I share my thoughts will it mean much of anything? Probably not, but maybe it’s helpful to come together and share; to voice what we’re feeling. Can there be healing or progress in our conversation?

And what does the Lord require of you? To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God. Micah 6.8

The thought let’s come together is never more prevalent in my heart and mind than in the middle of worship at our church. Over the past few weeks and months, I cannot help but think how beautiful it is when we come together in that setting.

We are of every skin color and economic level.

We represent many cultures {it’s a large, diverse church we attend}. Being a non-denominational fellowship, we come from differing theological backgrounds. The congregation includes doctors, lawyers, and teachers gathered with construction workers, recovering addicts, and the unemployed.

And there we worship, shoulder-to-shoulder, singing the same songs and hearing the same message.

For some, being on our best behavior when we gather may require work. The previous day or night, our behavior may have been quite different – somewhere. There are probably a few sprinkled among us who, given half a chance, would join the latest uprising or controversy.

Whether we’re consciously on our best behavior or simply doing what we do as believers {not giving it a second thought} these times we come together reveal a more gentle and more respectful attitude than we’d find in many places in our land today.

How do we turn this around?

Is it too much to ask that we act more gentle and more respectful in the other areas of our lives? We only need look to Jesus to see how He approached life on earth. His time was marked by tension, prejudice, confusion, and disbelief. Jesus brought a message for all. Was it a messy gospel? Yes, but a messy gospel came to bring salvation to a messy world.

A messy gospel came to bring salvation to a messy world. Click To Tweet

The days of Micah 6.8 were no less messy. And the word given to the people of God then is still applicable, today.

How do we bring the more gentle and more respectful into the dealings of our everyday life – our interactions at work, conversations with friends, and the raising of our families? I believe a good place to start is in asking ourselves this question {myself included and leading the way}.

What does the Lord require of you?

  1. To act justly [worthy, lawful, with discretion, right]
  2. To love mercy [kindness, goodness]
  3. To walk humbly [lowly, with humility]

Maybe it’s easier when we come together for worship. When we get into those everyday dealings, though, Micah 6.8 may seem challenging or even impossible.

We live in a messy world. Can we even begin to make a difference or turn things around? Let's come together and reach out. Micah 6.8If you want to do something, just take one step. 

Our family knows something of how it feels have others look at us as different. When we walk into a restaurant, all the adults in our party are undeniably Caucasian and the children clinging to us are noticeably Black.

We have people in our neighborhood who look different. You probably do, too. I’m the crazy lady who walks her dog down the street each day just because he likes it. There’s an older, Asian couple who pass by us nearly every morning. I try to say good morning. It’s a simple step.

In the workplace, reach out to those of a different skin color or nationality. Start a conversation – ask about their life – offer a cup of coffee. It’s a simple step.

Certainly, there are very real issues in our country. I am in no way trivialize-ing this by indicating a simple step of offering the hand of friendship will fix the real issues. But we must start somewhere. Start over, I guess, because we’ve supposedly “fixed” it in the past. Yet, here we are again.

What does the Lord require of you and me? How do we turn this around? We can begin to act justly, love mercy, and walk humbly with and before God. Let’s be more gentle and more respectful to those around us. And please…

Let’s come together.

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6 thoughts on “How do we turn this around? {Let’s come together.}

  1. Hi Karlene,
    I was just having this conversation with my preteen and teen sons. We were talking about the protests and the different versions of it. They are avid athletes and follow ESPN closely. What I said is that we need to bring awareness through unity. Divided we will never solve our problems. It’s OUR problem, so together WE ALL must solve it. Not divided. Not separated. So, I explained that peaceful protests that simply bring awareness. Ones that do not divide nor hurt another people group in their endeavors is a productive way of solving problems. But things like refusing to stand for the anthem at games, hurts other members of our country who have fought for our country and lost loved ones. To many it is a symbol of the memory of their loved one. It’s a symbol of hope. Not standing divides us rather than uniting us in the need to be kinder, gentler and loving each more. This verse in Micha is one of my favorites! Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful hope at #MomentsofHope!!! Much love, Lori

    • Thank you for sharing this, Lori, and for the wonderful ministry you do through your website. But even more touching to me is your role as Mom and I know you consider it most important. I’m married to a life-long coach and athletic director at the university level. Our son is a coach at the high school level and his wife coaches middle school. You are SO right with your words to your boys! And doesn’t it apply to wherever we are in life? God is challenging me with the need to tread carefully, even laying aside the “sacred cows” of religion and ministry – to really see people and listen. I think, really, to be more like Jesus.

  2. You speak wisdom here, Karlene. If we all could walk more humbly on the path that we’re on, I do believe we can work this out after all. One person at a time. God knows what he’s talking about when he advises us on what to do!

  3. Beautifully and well stated Karlene. I am not sure where to begin but starting with direction from God’s word is the best place to start. Thank you for sharing this poignant verse from Micah. May we as Christians practice living as God instructs in hopes of being a light in a dark world. It is up to Christians to lead the way. Thank you again for sharing yours thoughts. I was truly blessed by them. I hope you have a fantastic week and may God continue to richly bless you and yours!

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