2 ways to cast your care on Him…

Several of my family members love to fish. When surrounded by fishermen and forced asked to accompany them {whether by boat or on dry land} I learned long ago to concern myself with the important questions.

  • How long will we be gone?
  • Are there plenty of my favorite snack foods and cold drinks to take along?
  • Is there available space for me to bring the reading material I’m going to need to endure enjoy this {or wi-fi where we’re going 🙂 }?
  • And to clarify, how long will we be gone?

As you can see, a fisherman I am not. At least, not in the sense of one who baits a pole, casts the line into the water, and waits – hoping to catch our next meal.

Casting all your care on Him, because He cares about you.. 1 Peter 5.7

Like you, I certainly have other concerning matters besides how to survive the occasional fishing excursion. Do you have cares, worries, or anxiety? It’s a ridiculous question, isn’t it? We are living in the natural realm. Cares, worries, and anxiety are part of the program.

Our God says to cast it on Him.

Even though I write this post to encourage you, know this is a lesson for me, too. Remembering to cast off or release is not my strong suit. Not in life, nor in the actual art of fishing {for fish}.

The word “care” in 1 Peter 5.7, quoted above, translates:

  • Casting all your “care” = Âądistraction; solicitude
  • Because He “cares” = ²be of interest; concern; it matters

Do you see the difference? Be encouraged to cast [³throw] your [distractions] on Him, because [God is interested and concerned] about you. Furthermore, it matters to Him what you are carrying and that you release it.

But how do I do that?

To give your worries and anxiety over to God takes commitment. Don’t allow the cares of life to overtake you. Here are two ways to cast your care on Him.

#1. Follow the model of Jesus.

  • “Why were you searching for me?” he asked. “Didn’t you know I had to be in my Father’s house?” Luke 2.49
  • Even as a boy, Jesus knew His focus must remain on the business of His heavenly Father.

I’m reminded of something my Dad would say often when preaching. “God has taught me to keep the things of life in this priority order:  God, family, ministry, all else.” As you follow Jesus’ lead and keep God first above all, you will learn to cast your care on Him.

#2. Release it and go on.

  • Anxiety in a man’s heart weighs it down, but a good word cheers it up.” Proverbs 12.25
  • The word “anxiety” in this verse literally translates to fear, heaviness, sorrow, and carefulness.

Hanging on to anxiety and care limits you from moving forward. If your hands are full, you are not much use to anything or anyone else – including God and what He’s called you to.

To cast our cares on Him requires we do life as Jesus did on earth, living close to the Father and according to His plan for us.

God cares. He hears. He responds. Learn 2 ways you can cast your care on Him. He is faithful and can be nothing less.And, we must learn to release and let go.

Fishing is not my thing and it never has been. In the middle of waiting on the fish to show up, I get anxiety thinking about everything else I could be doing while I’m waiting. I do consider myself a fisherman of souls, though.

My role today is primarily to encourage other fishermen {and fisher-women}. It’s also being real and saying, “I pick up and hold on to the cares of this life way too often.”

When you bring your cares to God, spending time with Him, He leans in. God leans forward and hangs on every word coming from your heart and mouth. He cares. He hears. He responds.

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As you cast your care upon God, He is faithful to return His care to you. This is the Hope we have of seeing this life through to the end.

He will be faithful and nothing less.

ÂąStrong’s 3308 [Greek]; ²Strong’s 3199 [Greek]; ³Strong’s 1977 [Greek]

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10 thoughts on “2 ways to cast your care on Him…

  1. Thank you for this reminder that we all desperately need! Life is heavy and it’s easy to bear all the burden in our own. Holding tightly to it in our attempts to fix it. I fall into that trap often!! Thanks for sharing hope alongside me, friend!!!

  2. I love this go-to verse as well, especially in those moments when I feel very overwhelmed with things of this world. Great tips, Thabks Karlene!

  3. This is wonderful, Karlene. I like the comparison of casting our cares on Jesus to the art of fishing. That is great imagery. I find that sometimes I need to cast off the same issue again and again…but that’s ok as log as I casting! Thanks for linking up with Grace and Truth.

  4. Miss Karlene, you brought such lovely imagery and newness to this very familiar verse. 🙂 I remember fishing with my dad when I was a little girl around our neighbors pond weekly during the summer. It was hard to learn how to work the reel to get a good cast at first! And I think it’s the same with casting our cares, but once we get the hang of it- it’s a beautiful sight to see the troubles sail away. (Now if we could only keep from itching to reel them back in too fast!) Blessings on you friend!

    • Oh, you’re SO right, Heather. I’ve been working my whole life on “reeling them back in”! To master the other is much more challenging. Thank you for your insight.

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