VA Services

Interested in my virtual assistant services?

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Services:  These are the services I feel best equipped to provide. The inquiry form provides space to ask about services not listed.

  • Blogging/Writing support (writing, editing, formatting, scheduling)
  • Feature articles (website, newsletter, publication, etc.)
  • Web content (Need content for your online presence but don’t know what to write? I can help.)
  • Ghost writing (I assist in writing your project on your behalf.)
  • Editing (papers, thesis, research, content, publications, sermons, collections)
  • Resumes (writing, fine tuning, editing)
  • Social media support (content creation, scheduling posts, strategy)
  • Graphics support (images and/or printables for online presence)
  • Special project support

My goal is to provide the needed support, freeing clients up to better accomplish what they do best and allowing them to fulfill their calling.

What clients can expect from me:

Confidentiality…honesty…attention to detail…self-motivation…creativity…resourcefulness…


View  My Online Resume’ at LinkedIn. (If you do not use LinkedIn, feel free to email me at and ask for a resume’.)

My experience in writing, editing and administrative support comes primarily from the Christian nonprofit arena, though I am always willing to discuss services outside that market.



Virtual assistant services can be difficult to price before discussing projects and time-frames. Typically, I don’t charge by the hour. Rates are usually based on a project or package of services. Completing the “VA Services Inquiry Form” below will enable me to design several options with a range of costs. Services negotiable.