Where’s the joy {and can I recover it}?

Are you in a season lacking of joy?

Let’s talk, because I’ve been there. And I want to tell you to never let these words I write or the encouragement I share mislead you to think all has always been well with me {or that it is even now}.

My words may sound big and secure. While my stories and advice are planted in God and His Word, my life has not always been. So, there, I said it and that in itself has brought me seasons lacking of joy.

If this hits home…if you feel all joy is lost, hang on.

I certainly can’t know what it is you are facing, but know this:  God knows where you are.

And I don’t want to give the impression a loss of joy is always due to our own actions. Certainly, there are times when this is the case, and we must reckon with the consequences. But there are also times when situations and circumstances, not of our own making, lead us to less than joyful times.

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In the over-three-decades I’ve been with my husband, Mark, he’s had an incurable illness. God has given him grace, strength and healing, for which we are so grateful. The illness has, however, led to countless surgeries and procedures, not to mention many years where we had no idea how we would pay the medical bills that came with it all.

There are days he is so sick he can not leave the house. Because his job is managing people, eventually his phone will ring with some emergency. I’ll hear him answer the call in a way that sounds as if he’s on top of the world.

This has frustrated me because I know how bad he’s feeling. Sometimes, I’ll say to him, “Why can you not be honest with people? Tell them you’re having a rough day so they’ll leave you alone?”

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After being married to him for this long, I now see Mark lives in an almost unexplainable place of joy. This does not mean he wakes up every day feeling fabulous or on top of the world.

It does mean he knows where his joy comes from. And he’s learned something I’m afraid I still struggle with, on occasion. He has learned something of how to be content, in spite of his situation. I think it goes a step further. He doesn’t have to recover joy because he never seems to let go of it.

If you feel all joy is lost, hang on. You can recover joy, learn to maintain it and never need to recover it again...

Where’s the joy {and can I recover it}?

We can answer yes to this question. Because of what I’ve seen in my husband – and a handful of other people I know – I believe we can absolutely expect to recover joy. On top of that, I believe we can learn to maintain our joy.

  • Doesn’t mean you’ll feel joyful every single day…
  • Doesn’t mean you’ll always be on top of the world…
  • Doesn’t mean you’ll wake up every morning with a song bursting from your mouth…

It does mean we are receiving more grace and strength from our dependence on God. We are developing a greater trust in Him, and in what He’s doing in us as we journey through our season of lacking joy.

Then I will come to the altar of God, to God, my greatest joy. Psalm 43.4

It means we are learning to praise Him through it. And to hang on. We learn to hang on, knowing Joy is here with us, holding us, sustaining us and working out all things for our good.

There’s no need to be concerned with the recovery period, friend. Look up.

Joy is here.

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12 thoughts on “Where’s the joy {and can I recover it}?

  1. Excellent, Karlene. I remember the day when you and Bev drove me home from the sleep study when my health crashed. I hv come a long long ways from those days and like Mark my joy is in Him. Before the life crash I never knew joy. So i actually thank Father for the crash, lol. I enjoy your blogs so much. Thank you for sharing them with us.

    • Thanks for your kind comments, Sharon. I remember you have endured much, like Mark. What “joy” to learn to thank Him for those life crashes! You are an inspiration to others.

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