The *wonder* of Christmas is more…

The wonder of Christmas is more than sugar-plum-fairies and we-three-kings-of-orient-are.

When Daughter was around five years old, we took her to see The Nutcracker performed by the Houston Ballet. The experience enthralled her and we’ll always have that memory.

But while the scene of the Sugar Plum Fairy may have had us wondering at the talent and beauty of the dancers, it could not explain the wonder of Christmas.

The wonder of Christmas is more than little drummer boys and do-you-hear-what-I-hear.

My best friend’s husband is head of the English department at a Christian university. It is well-known among his students {current and former} that he dislikes the song about a little boy playing rum-pum-pum-pum at the birth of Jesus.

Though this particular holiday tune may have a cute, catchy rhythm, what it portrays is not mentioned in scripture. Neither can it explain the wonder of Christmas.

The wonder of Christmas is more than lights, presents, and bows, and we-wish-you-a-merry-Christmas.

In recent years, we’ve changed our gift-giving habits. When it comes to the adults in our family, most of us have more than what we need and much of what we want. So, we either spend less than we would have previously or we skip buying gifts completely and donate to a favorite Christian charity instead.

While it took some getting used to, we’ve learned to appreciate knowing the funds that would have paid for our gifts have, instead, made life a little brighter for someone who’s need is far greater than our own.

Yet, giving it away does not tell of the wonder of Christmas.

So the Word became human and made his home among us. He was full of unfailing love and faithfulness. John 1.14a NLT

What is the wonder of Christmas to you?

Is it more than carols singing and silver bells ringing? Music is and has always been a huge part of my life. Christmas is no exception. My playlist of holiday songs is long and diverse.

The wonder of Christmas is more than carols singing and silver bells ringing. What is the wonder of more at Christmas for you?And when my children think of childhood Christmas memories, I’m certain it includes spending most December evenings and weekends at church. This, because Mom was preparing for Christmas performances, in some capacity or another.

Much of the music of Christmas is lovely and sacred. The silent-night, o-come-let-us-adore-Him, and o-holy-night, to name a few, are treasures. Their tradition and liturgy is important to the Church and believers.

Some of these sacred songs even allude to the wonder that is more.

It’s that He came…and keeps coming to us. You’ll notice I hashtag this throughout the Christmas season – #HeComes. The Word {Jesus} who was with God in the beginning – #HeComes.

There’s the wonder that is more.

He came in His wondrous glory. Emmanuel, God with us. And He keeps coming to us when we receive Him as Savior.

He came as a babe and made His home here on earth. Both God and man. Heaven-to-earth. Love-come-down. Our Rescue-in-the-flesh. And #HeComes that we might live.

Oh, what a Christmas wonder.

Love came at Christmas, hallelujah. That He came to the manger is a wonder. That He died on the cross for us is a wonder. That He sits now at the right hand of the Father is a wonder. And that we will reign forever with Him is a wonder.

It’s more than any story or song or performance can explain.

The Word became flesh. The wonder of His love for us is *more* than anything we could think of or imagine.

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