And, well, I wrote an E-Course…

Sometimes, a thing happens you aren’t planning on. For a planner like me, this is unsettling. I not only like to plan…I live to plan.

Over a year ago, I had not planned to write an e-course. The truth is I had never given it a thought. I was busy writing blog posts and all that goes with that {besides my real job and the rest of my life}. That was enough.

Then, I enrolled in a Bible study e-course. A couple of months later, I took an e-course to help me figure out how to do this blogging thing more effectively.

Feel overwhelmed or stretched to the limit? Get my Free E-Course Balancing "the busy". Six lesson modules to complete at your own pace. Get it now!As a result of what I was seeing in these online courses, I began to think about how we might incorporate e-courses into the nonprofit ministry I work for. Still, this was not something I was thinking of doing myself.

For starters, I had little idea of how to make this happen. The technology and expense seemed beyond me and my budget. And I thought, “Who would enroll in an e-course written by me?” {Yeah, we know whose voice that was.}

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At the beginning of 2015, I got this idea for a blog post. The words balancing the busy were floating around in my head and I couldn’t shake it. But the post just would not come together.

By now, I had begun to pay attention to how others were creating e-courses. I’ve been involved in a few e-books and know some of what’s required to make a product available online. There’s the hosting, landing page, payment receipt and downloading to consider. Sometimes, figuring out all of that is more complicated than actually creating the product.

Of course, how you create your product is important, too. What platform should you use? What must you do to the images to make them work? Can you include attachments or downloadable docs? How big should they be? What font is best? How many pages? What colors? Not to mention, all of these factors vary depending on, well…all of the above. If your head is spinning, welcome to the circus.

And after all of this, will anyone read it?

Is your TO-DO threatening to take over your life? It's time for you to get a plan. My FREE E-Course BALANCING THE BUSY will help...The whole balancing the busy thing was still in my head and would not go away. I was beginning to think I could should turn it into a e-something. A book? A course? I don’t know. So, I set out and wrote this course…several times…in different platforms. Bottom line, it just wasn’t working or producing as I felt it could should.

Then, I came across an e-learning platform that hosts the course for you, sets up your landing page to receive payments {though my course is FREE} and allows you to create the course – start-to-finish – on their site.*

And, I wrote an E-Course... #balancingthebusy Click To Tweet

Thank you, COURSECRAFT! Your platform made it possible for me to get balancing the busy out of my head and into the hands of other women who need it.

And thank you, God, for the idea that has become the Balancing “the busy” E-Course. These lessons are straight from Your heart to mine. Please use it to encourage women as they struggle with to-do lists and obligations. As they find their strategy for reducing “the busy”, give them freedom to be all You created them to be.

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*There is a FREE option available through CourseCraft {it’s what I use for Balancing “the busy”}. There are other options for a small fee. All is quite affordable.

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