What’s your queendom {and how are you ruling}?

Recently, having had what I’ll call a really bad day, my ‘queendom’ faltered.

It was the week before Christmas. Who’s not feeling the pressure along about December 15, right?

We were to fly out on Monday before Christmas to join our grandsons at Disney World. The day before, I experienced an attack of vertigo.

It was not my first bout, but this one was a doozy. So, with about one hundred things to get done before we left on our trip to the happiest place on earth, I spent the next 24-hours lying flat on my back lest I throw up or black out.

The next morning, several doses of vertigo medicine now in me, I rose very slowly at four a.m. Somehow, I managed to shower, dress, finish packing, get the dog ready to go to the kennel {all with Mark’s help, of course} and get to the airport on time.

This is where things got ‘really fun’ on this really bad day.

After we got through security, they delayed our flight due to heavy fog on the ground…then delayed it a couple more times. We had to change our connecting flight twice before ever boarding.

All the while, I am still not well and so nauseated. I’m afraid to eat for fear I’ll throw up and they won’t let me on the plane. And I’m hoping the flight itself won’t make it worse.

With Husband’s help, again, I made it on the plane and survived the flight without having to use that little white bag.

We arrived into Baltimore hoping we’d make our connecting flight. Of course, everyone on the flight was in the same boat. We all had plans. It was five days before Christmas Eve and this day was turning out quite differently than we’d planned.

When that plane pulled up to the gate, don’t you know people wanted off? This was a full flight and, even though we would hardly be able to budge an inch, by golly, every one of us were ready to jump up and claim our space in the aisle.

This is where my ‘queendom’ began to falter.

Every last one of us has a ‘kingdom’ – or a ‘queendom,’ or a ‘government’ – a realm that is uniquely our own, where our choice determines what happens.¹ | Dallas Willard

As I rose from my aisle seat {still moving slowly, mind you} to inch my way out into the aisle, I heard a woman say loudly, “Excuse me,” as she barreled herself and her two carry-ons around me.

And make it around me she did…but y’all, the gentleman following along behind her {who I assume was her husband} did not. Why? Because I took it upon myself to casually claim my space in the aisle, thus blocking him from joining her in barreling towards the plane’s exit.

Stairway and rose bushes with post title | What is your queendom?This is not something I’m proud of.

Yes, I was ill and exhausted. It had been a really bad day that was far from over. Did any of that warrant me blocking the aisle as I saw the man out of the corner of my eye? Even though I made it appear as if I was unaware of what was happening, I knew, and I was wrong.

The enemy had barreled into my ‘queendom’ {my domain} much like that woman coming up the aisle. He came along beside me and whispered, “Act like you don’t see that man hoping you’ll let him pass by. You deserve to get off this plane just as much as he does.”

And I made a choice.

When it would have been easy for me to turn and say, “Sir, you go ahead,” I chose to exert my will – making the silent statement, “This is my domain and you’ll have to wait your turn just like the rest of us!”

In that ‘queendom’ of my life, on a really bad day in December, I chose to reduce myself to how the enemy sees me instead of God – as I rule over the ‘queendom’ He has set me in.

All who receive God’s abundant grace and are freely put right with him will rule in life through Christ. Romans 5.17b GNT

We each have a dominion of rule – our household, office, or work assignment; the business we own, children we are raising, or ministry He has called us to; the daily in and out of life.

We get to have a say in what happensOur actions, words, and decisions determine what others see as we walk out our life and faith.

Today, as I write this, I’m grieved I missed the chance in the aisle of that airplane to bless that man and his wife. Chances are I will never see them again on this earth…or they could move into the house next door to me one day.

Either way, I missed an opportunity to rightly rule in life together with God, Him working in and through me, in love; preferring my brother and sister over myself.

Call this my confessional, if you must, but if I could get a do-over {minus the vertigo} I’d surely behave differently.

So, let me ask, how are you ruling in the ‘queendom’ God has set you in?

Whose voice is winning out when you find yourself in the situations of life?

Remember, you have a ‘queendom’ God has appointed just for you. Make the best of every moment. Represent Him well. And pray for me as it looks like I sure do need it.

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¹The Divine Conspiracy: Rediscovering Our Hidden Life in God by Dallas Willard, page 21

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